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What is a natural way to lower fever?

There are  a few things you can do

1. Take your temperature regularly so you know you are keeping it under control.

2. Drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated. Having a fever your body loses lout of water from sweating.

3. Stay cool remove clothes and blankets and just lie down and rest.

4.Have tepid baths but not ice cold baths. These can be dangerous so a luke warm bath is the safest.

5. if all else fails try over the counter medication and we use ibuprofen but maybe you have something similar.

6. if you have any concerns contact the doctor just to be safe.

Having a fever is not fun and I hope you get better soon.


It's important to know the reason of fever first and if it's tied to fatigue or change in climatic conditions then following recommended natural ways will help to bring down your fever. But if the reason of fever is due to a critical illness then please ensure to consult your doctor first and foremost.

- Take a Sponge bath - When in fever, we tend not to bathe as we feel weak and do not feel like doing anything. During this time considering placing cold, damp washcloths on your forehead and the back of your neck, rub or sponge your body parts as well. This will help in taking off the heat from the body and will bring down your body temperature. Also, you will feel fresh and good.

Image Source: holistichealthherbalist.com

- Have a lot of Water -  The chances of getting dehydrated st times of fever are very high. So drink close 8 to 12 glasses of water a day or close enough to make your urine pale. This will help you to be hydrated and will also get you those minerals lost due to the fever.  Doctors receommedns drinking Orange juice and other fruit juices rich which are rich in vitamin C as Vitamin C assists your immune system in fighting off infection and ultimately helps in reducing the fever.

- Take rest -  taking rest is the key here. It is said that a person when unwell and if he or she takes proper rest can get better soon. Medicines only help 20% rest 80% is the body taking rest helps you to cope up with the problem or the fever here in our example. Therefore Rest without any tension in mind, without worrying about anything and a sound sleep is a best and simple remedy to bring your fever level down. 


Drink lots of water, so that you keep peeing

Wrap yourself with thick blankets to promote sweating

Drink hot chicken soup

Have lots of sleep

Aim to poop twice a day. It helps to lower body temperature


Put wet socks on the ankles. This is an excellent solution especially for children. Soak the socks and place them on their ankles. Repeat when socks begin to dry. Socks do not need to be too wet. This method will relax and calm the sick children. Take a shower with warm water. Take a shower for a few minutes to lower your body's temperature. You can prevent this from being a shock to the body by making it happen slowly.