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Have you ever seen a ghost?

I've not but my dad shared a short story of his encounter and a friend also. My dad was a heavy smoker and a drunkard. He comes home late almost everyday. According to him, he said he was on his way home on this fateful day around 1 am with his stick of cigarette in his mouth and he saw one fat woman walking towards him. He said she was shapeless and her legs wasn't touching the ground as she walked towards him. According to a belief in my country،the odour of cigarette irritates ghost . this was what made the ghost swing to another direction when he passives the odour of his cigarette.

The second one happens to my friend David. He does morning jugging everyday. One day he woke up without checking his time with the thought that it's time for his daily routine. Since there was street light everywhere, he didn't know that it was 2 :30 am. He started jugging down the road. It wasn't long before he observed that no car was passing as he jugged further. He had to return half way when he discovered he must have left too early. On his way back he saw three people ahead of him all in white robe sitting beside the road facing each other with their head touching one another. He said immediately he saw them , his legs became heavy,his head was expanding and there was cold all over his body. He reluctantly jugged backed home and he felt headache he said.

Left for me, I havnt encountered such but these two people close to me have.


I can answer that one and the answer is yes. The house we had in England was haunted but not overly bad like Amytville horror. 

It started with my parrot jumping on to the side of his cage and would be talking as if there was someone there. We noticed noises when we would be sitting down at the table for meal times. Footsteps upstairs and I would sneak up but they would run away. We had wooden floors so you could clearly hear it.

My daughter screamed the one day as her dustbin in her room was moving blocking her exit. I think it was just playing but not overly sure. We used to lie in bed and hear footsteps and the bed used to move as though someone had just crawled under it. The bed was solid with drawers in the base so a little strange.

The one day my son was playing with my Polaroid Instamatic camera and was popping out photos of himself. He had complained before that something had been bashing him whilst he was in the bed. Kids you know have a good imagination so I thought nothing of it. I looked at his photos and there was someone sitting next to him, actually more behind him and it was a face and neck that was showing. The reflection of the lights from outside with the glass had picked up an image of a ghost.

It wasn't very pretty and the guy in the photo had the olden style mesh from like the days of suit and armor times. I was a little shocked as I was expecting a child ghost with all the playing that had been happening.

We were in the process of moving and every time someone came for a viewing in the night the light bulbs used to play up. There was nothing wrong with the wiring or the bulb as they worked when people left. i was more than happy to leave the house in the end and hope whoever lives there now is happy.

A cool story that i couldn't make up and need to find the photo as I kept it. haven't seen it for a while since we have moved  a few times since but it will pop out one day.


I've never seen a ghost, but I've experienced the presence of what I would consider to be ghosts or spirits. 

The most compelling of my experiences, was sleep paralysis (on 4 different occasions). It was an awful, terrifying experience that I would wish on no one. 

For an explanation of what sleep paralysis is, check out this link to wikipedia:



A lot depends on what you define as a ghost, but I think yes, I did see a ghost before.

At some defining moments in my life, mostly the really hard parts, I often saw my deceased parents standing behind me, next to me. Being there in the room with me. Making sure I knew I wasn't alone at that time and place.