Why people are scared of marriage?

The reasons for a person being scared of marriage, or hesitant to get married are specific to that person. It could have to do with their upbringing, parents, parents' marriage, or their personal beliefs. They can vary from person to person. However, there are a few general reasons that might present in the individuals.

1. Lack of Maturity

Sometimes a person enjoys choosing to do whatever they want.  They place more emphasis on the  pleasures of short-term relationships. It could be they enjoy the "thrill of the chase." It could be they've been taught by pop culture that being with one person is "boring." It could be they aren't yet ready to make the sacrifices and compromises necessary to make a long-term relationship work.

This isn't true for all people, as some who are opposed to marriage are still able to have successful and meaningful long-term romantic relationships without being legally married. However, a well-adjusted adult understands they won't always get their way, and that's ok.

2. Fear of Commitment

This could also have to do with the previous point. Sometimes a person has a preconceived notion of what a thing will look like, and their perception of it scares them. They don't want to give up their freedom, but they don't realize that there's lots of freedom in marriage, it's just channeled to the spouse instead of strangers.

3. They're opposed to the institution of marriage

Some believe that marriage is not relevant in today's society. They say that marriage had more meaning and purpose when people didn't live long because they didn't have time to grow apart. Or that women needed marriage so that a man could protect them, but in the 21st century women don't need men for anything including marriage. 

4. Their parents had an abusive relationship

For children of abusive parents, marriage can look differently than to those whose parents treated each other with respect. Children might have a more negative view of marriage if they grew up in a household where their parents physically assaulted or emotionally manipulated each other. This can leave a negative impression on a person so they grow up thinking that marriage isn't productive, useful, or beneficial. 

Whatever the reason for a person's apprehension to marriage, it should be discussed with one's partner if the relationship is to continue. It's important to be open and honest in healthy romantic relationships.  Maybe the issue is something that can be addressed and the reluctant party's view can be changed. Otherwise, it might be a wakeup call that the couple isn't meant to be. Regardless, the couple should work through it together.

tl;dr Immaturity and loss of freedom are likely the two biggest reasons. Threat of violence, lack of attraction, and fear of commitment are other potential reasons. If the couple is planning to stay together, they should discuss it.

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Because marriage has serious legal implications. Legally, marriage is somewhat like forming a kind of corporation with another person. Its financial consequences are very significant. If you marry someone, you will also most likely have children and raise them together with them. Huge decision. 

In a general way, there are many elements that prepare one person to neglect or increasingly do not want to marry. career is one of them.

However, if the reason is the feeling of anxiety about trauma may be the reason. able to be that person grows great in a broken home. could still have inherited a failure in marriage early in the beginning The delays of many of them did not want to find a transport as well as a man or a father, able to be another subject.

Because the responsibility of marriage is not as simple as again dignified which is a child and being single. when married hidden two great nations married. compiling two tanjak with the history of the views of tens of lives of each is not easy to need sacrifice.

But there are others who suspect to agree on the average person who is anxious to promise this plus have their reasons, probably because it had a chapter with the group so that he was anxious when the escalator dwelling that would be built would be "destroyed" just like his family, or ever has a friend who is exploited in a stairwell so that he is anxious that similar aspects may take place in his life later in the general way, the things he fears are caused by the real cases he has witnessed/experienced.

Because you are being locked into alifelong contract and if you decide to leave the agreement you stand to loose at least half of your possesions and can have to pay large amounts of money in the form of child support or alomony. 

1. Not content to have fun
The environment also contributes greatly to a person's decision to marry. When you are surrounded by friends who are single and they enjoy the freedom of their lives, then you can feel the same. So, marriage is no longer important to you.

2. Fear of marriage is destructive
One of the most obvious fears when asked about marriage is, divorce. People cringe at the thought of divorce and all the emotions of trauma, the legality, and the complexity of the problems left behind. They feel unsure if all things will work well in the future.
Fear of violence after marriage
We often hear people say that the true nature of a person begins to emerge after they get married. This is one of the main reasons why some people choose not to marry simply out of fear of seeing their friends or family who are experiencing domestic violence. They are too afraid that one of them turns his temper so badly that he tortures his partner. and Fear of boring each other
One of the most common fears when thinking about marriage is the fear of boredom. Committing a lifetime to spending time with just one person can be a very difficult thing to run. Since you can not predict the future, you will never know for sure if you are still able to love your partner 10 years into the future.
Fear of not being able to make ends meet
If a person feels financially unstable then thinking about marriage is a daunting thing. Someone is afraid of housekeeping because he continues to see the needs and the cost of living is increasing, so feel uncertain about whether to defend a family with uncertain income.
I think a lot of people secretly regret getting married young.

They are often happy with the person they are with. But they do have this other side that longs for what could have been.

I'll be honest, there are a few couples I feel bad for because I know they have these feelings.

They locked in at a young age with someone. They have never “been with” anyone else. And meanwhile they are spending their 20's and 30's surrounded by people that are partying like drunken sailors.

I get it.

In a country with a 50% divorce rate, the prospect of spending all your young years in a marriage that later implodes is a natural fear.
In fact there are many things that cause someone to fear to enter into a marriage relationship.
The first one, feeling unstable in the career. Because of the unclear income earned in every month, this causes a person to fear marriage. because he feels he has not been able to provide a decent living for his future partner.
The second one, not yet home. This becomes a second important factor, which causes a person to fear marriage. He was afraid of not being able to provide a decent home for his future partner.
Because "marriage" or "relationships" in general are all based on human emotions which changes easily.

Unlike relationships, marriage is legally binding and holds value in court. You can not just simply walk out of a marriage without having some consequences or troubles in return. That is why, people are more picky and testy on their partners. I personally don't think that they are not scared, more like they are trying to find a person that will be worth it to suffer the pain.
Most people are afraid of marriage because they have not been able to economically. They have no income, they are afraid of not being able to support the family. There are some cases people are afraid of marriage because of the trauma of seeing their parents quarreling often. There was fear, he was afraid of going through an incident like a parent's family.
Honestly, the biggest horror for me is the responsibility and my privacy. I don't like to be around people for a long time. I am a train wreck when it comes to responsibility and so I don't wanna wreck someone else's life by sharing my own wreckage with them.