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How can steemit change the lifestyle of a person?

It depends on the person so the best way to answer is to offer my example. I heard first about Steemit in January this year and got my account approved in February. At first all I knew about it was that you could earn Steem tokens from posting all sort of things on the platform and I tough what a great way to supplement my income. Then after a few weeks I found myself learning how to blog, learning more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies and enjoying this path that Steemit opened for me. In regarding of Steemit as a social media platform I will admit that I had already quit Facebook half a year before joining Steemit so I wasn't that much of a social media person anymore and I haven't looked at Steemit as social media platform either. I saw it as it is, a blogging platform. Through time I discovered other platforms built on the Steem blockchain such as Steepshot, which I use a lot, eSteem, Partiko and I realized that Steem is actually the blockchain of DApps and not only a blogging platform. So, if at the beginning of my experience with Steem I considered spam to post a pic and a bit of text with it I then realized that through Steepshot I can do that and wouldn't be spam, because lets face it: sometimes you only have a pic and an idea to share and not a one thousand blog post. I also liked eSteem app a lot because it allowed me to stay mobile and read posts, comment and reply to comments without the need of being next to my laptop. So, a big thanks to @goodkarma for creating the app. Since yesterday I started testing Partiko on my phone and see if it is a better alternative to it. On eSteem I don't get notifications with sound as I should so that's one thing that I don't like about eSteem but like on Partiko. Bottom line Steem has really changed a lot in my life from the way I interact on social media to sharing personal moments from my life with people I haven't ever met and of course interacting with them and also by finding Steem as an almost endless source of information on almost any topic I can think about. It's really the best social media platform for me and the best way of spending my time online. 


There are a number of ways why Steemit changes your life quite considerably.

The time and effort spent on Steemit trying to grow your account is huge and takes loads of dedication. I joined in March and spend up to 10 hours a day on Steemit now. That is a huge chunk of time that I have had to find. I honestly don't mind as it is beneficial to me in more ways than one. I actually enjoy it and that is  a small bonus.

The more you grow your account the more you will be worth. I have seen it as  a race against the clock for the last few months. As soon as mass adoption happens it will be harder to grow your account as the reward pool will be smaller.

Once your account has value and I am saying around 5000 SP as that is my first target now then if Steem rises and I am sure it will to more than $10 fairly soon then you have an account worth $50 000. That is a lot of money but not life changing. The more you have in SP the more you will be worth and your voting power on your vote value could possibly give you a passive income in the not to distant future.

SMT's are coming soon and there is the possibility of leasing Resource Credits to the many Dapps that are coming after March. If and when Steem takes of in price certain investors will power down and sell leaving your account as one of the bigger ones left. This is a prime opportunity to grow even bigger and make more.

Steem will make quite a few millionaires in the future and I am hoping to be one of them. That would be life changing and would change anyone's lifestyle.

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What I am doing right now 

  • Freedom 

When one gets a clear way how things work in Steem Blockchain that person can make the way to the top little by little. While no one is there to boss around that person. He/she can work without restriction and with freedom in the Steem Blockchain.

  • Express Feelings 

In Steemit one can share the ideas or the things that a person has as skills, by doing so a user can be a part of this community and in the way will be able to make friends and by sharing the ideas and experience they can even earn a passive income as well.

  • Get Rewarded 

While in compared to other social medias Steemit is paying (Through Users and dapps) users for sharing the thoughts and ideas with each other. Which makes it unique and worth the time that is invested in here.

So over all in my point of view they really are making a difference in a users life if that user give some time wisely in SteeM Blockchain.


Steemit changes peoples lifestyle in two major ways - time invested and rewards generated.

A lot of time goes into great content creation and socialization which is the primary foundation the steem blockchain is built on. For those who take the platform fairly seriously, it can be very time consuming and physically draining. I for instance have to shuffle between work, normal life and creating content for the steem block chain.

Steemit's reward system has also been life altering in a number of ways. People for instance live solely off the steem block chain and the rewards and some have even accumulated substantial capital as a result of steemit.