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What is the right definition of a blockchain?

We have all heard that Blockchain is essentially a virtual ledger shared over a distributed database. This means that all information exchange on it (including the financial transactions that are being  generated) is continually being verified  and stored on various nodes  across the globe. So there is no one  critical point of  failure............kill one node and it'll survive in  hundreds of  others, even thousands. It

Not only is a blockchain  secure from  being taken down but it is protected by encryption so un-breachable that  theoretically we have a better probability of an asteroid taking  down  this planet than blockchain encryption being cracked open. (There is a reason why hackers find a way around this rather than through this   encryption. That is why the hacks and security breaches are by compromised passwords, bug exploitation, phishing, etc.)

Terms like Decentralization and Blockchain technology have been hijacked by the popular media and are being used in a context that  appears related at first glance but is actually technically incorrect.  This has created an air of mystery around the blockchain technology that  is making it difficult for people to trust it. 

For example you  will never see the media mentioning that the Blockchain in context of  being a distributed ledger or its nature as a database. Granted that  this does makes it difficult to understand, but at the end of the day we  need to demystify this for the people. It needs to be shown that  Blockchain is not overhyped but the term is being overused in the wrong  context

Here is the summary of things that have made the community at large interested in the Blockchain:

  • Blockchain is censorship resistant
  • Cryptographically secure
  • Immutable
  • Above all, it can be decentralized.
  • Secure tokenization