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Which sport is better for health ?

There are several health benefits associated with countless number of sporting activities. However, the sporting activity that I would stress  its health benefits is swimming. Personally, I love to swim, and I have participated in several competitions. But before I go on to talk about its health benefits, I would want to caution that swimming is a good sports that provides low-impact work on the body, but do swim in a safe environment. If you're not really good at it, do not move to deeper areas of the water.

Swimming is considered as one of the full body exercises since every muscle in your body will be needed to move against the resistance of the water. Some of the physical benefits of swimming is the build up of muscles, endurance, maintenance of a healthy weight as it aids in burning fats, and many others. Swimming also provides mental benefits such as the release of stress, which most swimmers are aware of. So after a stressful week, find time to hit any recommended pool near you, and maintain a healthy lifestyle while making new friends.

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Swimming is the best sport that enables you to make all your body part engage in exercising activities.

Swimming helps to strengthen the muscles of the your arm because it is the most important organ required in swimming.

Swimming also helps you put your body in good shape because your whole body submerged in the water enables it to be more flexible and take part in stretching activities.

You are also able to burn fat or calories whenever you take part in swimming.

Swimming also enables the heart to be in good condition because whenever you swim, you are engaging in an exercise which leads to fast heart beat and this enables the production of more blood and good health.

If you aren't a good swimmer, you can go for other exercises like football or lawn tennis. They also help the body in good shape.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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Swimming is a completely amazing game for your heart

as indicated by some researches, One hour of tennis consumes 600 calories,

running and cycling as extraordinary compared to other vigorous exercises. Grown-ups who take an interest in a high by and large level of games and exercise are at 34% lower danger of death than the individuals who never or once in a while participate in sports.Those sports additionally have a lower danger of kicking the bucket from cardiovascular maladies, for example, strokes.

however, my favourite movement is running since it fabricates solid bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise,improve cardiovascular fitness..,burn a lot of kilojoules.,help keep up a sound weight.