Is google adsense still a good internet business?

 Yes, it Absolutely can be. But it requires hard work. It’s not a get-rich-Quick scheme as some represent it, there are no quick wins. It’s all about creating content, and getting traffic.

But if you are willing to put in the effort: Adsense can earn you your money! -> http://beheydt.be/en/does-adsense-really-work/

Google adsense is a good way of making money on the internet,google adsense is a program where you can earn money from advertisement displaying on your blog or website,the adverts That are displayed on your website are adverts that come from advertisers that advertise on google...

Bloggers or website owners can participate in the business and earn some good money depending on the traffic which you get on your website or your blog,the more quality traffic you have the more possibility of making more money from google adsense

Google adsense is still a very good business but you need to also make sure that you do not violate their rules,one of their rules is that you should not self -click on ads showing onyour blognor website,google adsense pays you whenever someone clicks on the adverts showing on your website or blog,some Website owners try to game the system by clicking on the adverts themselves so that they can earn money on google adsense but google frowns at it and those that are involved in such are usually penalized
Now everyone is using ad-blockers to block ads. Because ads are so annoying that they get in the way of the visitor. I personally like clean and minimal website pages. Most website admins display ads in every way they can to get an ad revenue.

So in future ads will be a topic of hate and frustration.
Numerous individuals do bring home the bacon

from advertisement income for their locales (counting Google Adsense and other promotion

suppliers) and a couple have even made really enormous fortunes from this.

Notwithstanding, remember that getting to this level is regularly testing and nowadays requires

more work than a solitary individual can do. Unique substance and a solid crowd is what's

expected to produce predictable profit and around 5-10 years prior it was considerably less

demanding to make content with higher rates for

promotions and more organized and steadfast gatherings of people.

Nowadays with falling promotion costs, developing advertisement square utilization and

the grouping of substance into greater focal productions (and much more so into aggregator

applications), it's difficult to contend aside from in exceptionally specialty classes where you can

make expert regarding a matter and get an average readership. Now you will most likely need

to take a gander at supported posts, offshoot joins, online business, and other income streams

to make a strong salary past simply show advertisements yet it should be possible.