What is the best way to curb overpopulation?

Population control requires awareness first! Now days the population growth is significantly decreasing. Then why do you see so many people? As people are gazing around everywhere What is the real reason? Decreasing average life expectancy or decreasing child mortality, or failure of project called Family Planning, or lack of public awareness?

When it comes to the population, it is inevitable that family planning comes out. Someone may say that the family planning program is not being strengthened in the country, or the development workers are not doing their duties properly, or just like all the blame on the administration, I can say that the government is not giving proper guidance for population reduction. But what really?

Due to family planning program, there has been a development of such a concept of "small family happy family" in the mindset of the people of Bangladesh. Awareness has been created to create a planned family among the educated and educated people of the city and rural areas. And it is evidence that we can understand from the data of aging. The idea of ​​giving birth to women is a radical change. Today's bdnews24 online newspaper says two thirds of married women in the country do not want to take children. According to official survey data, 65 percent of the country's married women talk about their desire to not have children. Of these two children, the rate of 82 percent, And 90 percent of the mothers of three or more children. But it has been found that because of the inevitability many women have unwanted pregnancies. The number of family members increased for this. The country's population grew. Therefore, we have to go back to the family planning program to get rid of unexpected pregnancy problems.

One thing to note here is that Bangladesh is very populous, but it is not known that the family planning program of our country is compulsory to impose any law imposed on the people. Which we see in the "One Child Policy" program in the public. There is strong punishment for the family planning policy being imposed on the people by force and forcefully breaking the law. We often get to know from the newspapers that it often causes inhuman and heartbreaking events.

On the other hand, our family planning family is dependent on the will of the people. I will depend on how many children I take, completely dependent on me. There is no role of the state in it. In this way we enjoy full democratic freedom just like in other developed world countries. So our people will have to decide on this issue. There is no cause for suffering in the country because of the birth rate decreasing. If there is a decrease in the birth rate, as population increases in the present rate, it is assumed that the population will double in the next 50 years. It is easy to understand that the extreme pressure will be created in all the services and infrastructure, including food, clothing, education, medical, housing, water, sanitation, electricity supply, and the small country.

Therefore, such a responsibility of the government is to make people aware about this, expose the benefits of the small family to the public, as well as make the birth control systems available to the public, just like our people have to decide, to form a small family structure and determine the number of children. Whether in the interest of the country or in its own interest, increasing population awareness increases awareness and only awareness increases.


Education. Well educated women have less children. Education takes time and this way families are started later.