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When do we say that musing.io is famous enough to be considered as one of the best DApp of Steemit blockchain? There had been questions lately about musing.io's popularity compared to other DApps. First, how do we rate a DApp's popularity?

I've been here for a month or so, give or take, so I don't know how was life on Musing before. Now I can see a bit of inactivity, less active users, which is not surprising. Might be due to the low price of Steem and it's the holiday season, this might be a factor as well. 

To rate a dApp's popularity, you need some numbers, statistics, which I don't have but that doesn't mean others can't run some analysis for the dApps and then compare them. 


I think you have to rate the popularity by the number of users using the site. To be honest there are not loads of users on here.

Steemit has got quieter and has had an effect on all the Dapps over the last month or so. Users come and go depending on the price of Steem. Musing is not for everyone as you have to think most of the time. It attracts a different type of user compared to Steem monsters for example.

There are going to be loads of Dapps soon so we will have to wait and see how popular musing is. I think it will remain in the top 10 but I don't believe it will make top 2..

Steem monsters and Dstores will be the top Dapps on Steemit. That is becoming more and more obvious as we get ready for mass adoption at some point in the future.


@Borna, For sure Ratings of particular platform and number of users on platform and both number of users and ratings hold the direct relationship and that is because if number of users will increase then number of activities will going to increase and when activity expands then Ratings expands. So, at this moment we are waiting for more and more users and in my opinion it will not be so long to see that tons of people are use Musing. Stay blessed. 🙂