As a man, what things make ladies frighten you?

An opinion that ladies are never truthful, the truth is that when going out with a woman for the first time that perception of actually being told a lie always haunt a man the truth is that a relationship may work or may not work he may actually even be in love with a person who has a husband already but they may take advantage of the fact that you love them in order to get so many material things from you so as a man I'm always cautious so as not to be used it comes very naturally for a woman to tell a lie very conveniently without problems and until you know them deeply enough you don't actually know if they are lying to you or saying the truth.

The capability of a woman loving more than one man at the same time, this may actually be based on my geographical location but it seems like women are always having so many people who they are dating and also having sex with at the same time and at the end they actually choose to settle with the person who they love the most or who may even belice or who is more serious than the rest of other guys. So as a man I'm always willing of the fact that women can be very deceitful and you may not know when they are keeping so many lovers but yet actually professing love to you at the same time you will find it difficult to actually prove if this is true or not since you cannot challenge or ask her if she's keeping a lot of lovers but most of the time it's always turns out that you are not even the first priority on the list of people she wants to get married to.

 Well, this notion and perception of things I have discovered about women makes me very frightened about them because you cannot prove true loyalty or true love just by actually looking at them or by listening to what they have to say this isn't true about all of them but actually true about the majority have sent and this actually frightens me so much


The fact that ladies can be cery pretentious and you can never really tell at any given time what they are thinking.