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When/where have you continued to compromise your integrity by judging people before attempting to understand where they are coming from?

Basically I think that is one human aspect that is relative to most people. It is a characteristic that is often associated with human beings we do tend to judge the book by its cover even if we know we shouldn't do that sometimes the reason why people compromise or go against their integrity in order to judge people sometimes can be as a result of security purposes.  for example when people see a beggar they do not bother to check his or her intellect rather what comes to the mind is the fact that the dress in a shabby manner and that they are living on the streets even when they know they should be helpful and extend the hand to a beggar but sometimes they are afraid of being helpful in order not to compromise their security. This is the way human beings are shaped to be.

In my own instances I have seen a girl I used to love hugging and cuddling with my friend however even if I knew he was my best friend I couldn't help the fact but think that he was stealing my girl in this instance I knew I should be thinking properly what the situation might be as to why she was hugging him but instead I didn't, that means that I have compromised my tolerance which happens to be a value that I have and started thinking about the fact that I have been seeing them lately together. So can you see the situation? I actually did not consider where my friend was coming from all the reasons why he was holding onto my girl and hugging her but I judged him from the fact that I was seeing something contrary.

I didn't think to know if my friend was having a problem and actually looking for a shoulder to lean on but because of my selfish interest of trying to protect what was my own I ignored his own side of the story and that means that I have judged him completely before even understanding where he was coming from. This is tantamount to human beings, we know we shouldn't judge people but despite that we actually do throwing caution to the wind and actually judging them the reason for this is insecurity and fear sometimes it can be jealousy or envy and in my own situation it was actually jealousy and insecurity that was why I judged the actions of my friend before actually understanding where he was coming from