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What you want in your life right now, can you explain it?

Right now, beyond anything else I want to be able to make money. Key word "make". I want money but I don't want it to be given to me. Instead I want to have the skills needed to make it for myself.

They say slow and steady wins the race. That's something I heard when I was a kid and they are words I've tried to live by as far as my financial growth is concerned. I'm developing everyday and I'm making more money every day but I'm not where I want to be yet. I know I'm on the right track but sometimes it's hard to not get jealous of people that are where I want to be. Either way, I won't take any shortcut to my goal. I'll work hard for my money and one day money is gonna work for me. That's what I want and that's what I'm going to get


Right now, i want "real family". Honestly, i have a lot of bad things that happened in my life, and i never feel the real family yet :( its like a drama, but i need to move forward to get what i want. 


Well right now  I do really want some changes in my life, if that happens it will definitely turn the course of my life, the most important one is 

  • Financial stability 

Every person has rough time in their life, I suppose it is going on my life right now and getting a fixed income would really help me to make my life stable in both financially and mentally as well.

  •  The more Will Power to move forward

I really do not want to feel like a looser and stay behind and feel sorry for myself at any condition in my life I always want my mental stability to be as strong as possible, so that I do not get left behind in my life. 

  • To look after the lovely Family that I have

 Life is sometimes harsh with us and when it comes to family we tend to do anything for them. I want to be the strong pillar of my family and keep all of them in my shade as long as possible. 

well this are the few things that I really want right now so that at the end of the night I can sleep without any tension everyday.


Right now, I want to make intense impact in the world, my world. I want to be influciencial so much that i can help the needy, less privileged and the indigent child respectively.  I want to be able to look my parents in the eye and tell them that i achieved great heights and that i can provide just about anything that they need as they grow old.  I want to build a life that not only favours me but favours the senior citizens, aged, women and children within my reach. I want to be able to reach people all around the world who feel lie all hope is lost, i want to be able to change that mindset and replace it with a more better one.  

I want to be so fulfilled that i can inturn transform the lives of men, investing in them likewise and when i am able to do this then this world will have its chances of being a far more better place than it is right now.