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Do you believe, your mother and family are a very useful treasure?

  Mother brings us in this world. She is symbolic to God. Mother raises us and makes us familiar with the world. She pours all the love and affection of her heart to her child. She is our first teacher. Her unconditional love is the key of our survival. She nourishes us, protects us and teaches us speaking, walking and other skills. She cleans our urine and excrement. So, she plays a great role in her child’s life which no other person can perform.

Mother brings us in this world but father also do the things what mother do for her child. Father protects us and brings resources for the family. His affection is very vital for complete development of a child. So, the mother and the father nourish, protect and teach their child and make her/him a successful person.

A family is incomplete if one has no siblings. Siblings are the first friends of a child. Sometimes siblings fight with each-other but they also care for each-others. The love and affection between siblings give us pleasant memories. When a child grows, he/she gets married and starts a new phase of life. In the course of time a person has children. A faithful and understanding spouse is more than a big treasure for everyone. Bright and obedient children are one’s great asset.

So, the family make us complete. It not only supports us in dire situations but also encourages us to excel in life. I am fortunate that I have a very nice family. They are all important for me. Therefore, my family is very important for me. My mother and my family is more than any treasure for me. I love the members of my family and so do they do.  

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Nothing in this world can be compared to having a loving parents and being part of a loving family. Family makes life meaningful and interesting. They influence our views about life and everything in it. Thus having a wonderful parents; not just mother alone and a wonderful family is something that one should truly treasure.