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Will the Cryptocurrency be the end currency before returning to gold and silver like the heyday of Islam ??
When fiat currencies are in a downturn ...

Cryptocurrency to the future in the world under certain conditions:

  • The will of a part of the population to continue to use and to recognize it.
  • The actual realization of the underlying projects. Indeed, for the moment little cash flow from the real economy come in collateral from the value of the corners. Nevertheless, projects have potential even though as a start-up market many risk going into liquidation
  • The control of energy in the underlying blockchain technology
  • A possible regulation allowing its use could be a real asset

For the moment, a certain consolidation exists following a big fall in past and current valuation. There has been an overreaction in the optimistic view of the market just as we have the case in the pessimistic view. Investors are reacting to information or the pace of the market. The fundamental analysis of this market is still very succinct but in the making.

The market has many advantages that could allow it to develop like the ICO. In fact, illiquid start-up assets are liquidated all over the world. We are still at the beginning but in view of global connections, crypto currencies will be instantaneous transfer, immediate value at the global level.

The future is certainly full of uncertainty, but it does exist. Every day new investors enter this market and every day new ICOs are launched. It is therefore good to remain optimistic and keeping the various challenges in the eye.

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