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Are "white lies" justifiable?
White lies are lies told to avoid hurting someone else's feelings. Even if white lies are said for other people's sake, it is a lie after all. What do you think about this?

Lies are lies whether they are black or white or coloured the intention doesn't matter but the fact that lying is the opposite of the statement of a fact makes it contrary to the truth and no matter the intention it definitely doesn't matter for example, someone who just lost their parents didn't get the news and their friends who had it first refuses to tell them in order not to hurt them I think this is justified as a white lie right ? But the truth is that you have only saved them from crying at the moment but it is inevitable that they will find out and when they definitely do it will hurt them as much as it hurt them in the first place so white lies are only saving the inevitable for the later time or period.

I do not doubt the intention neither do I contradict the essence however my opinion is that because a lion has been domesticated doesn't necessarily mean it is no longer dangerous the dangerous part of it was actually just curtailed and the period of hunger or fear can actually harm people this is a perfect anecdotes of white lies , so in my opinion they are only lies after all and they are not justifiable even want to look at the bible it definitely says that there is no big or small lie all eyes are equal in the eyes of the creator, so for me white lies are not justifiable the only preventing the inevitable which can in fact bring more harm than when the truth is told in the first place.

White lies kills relationships but many people do not recognise this they actually peel it preserves it but in actual sense it case it because people wants to be told the truth no matter how bitter it may seem and that is my opinion so white lies are not justifiable


Whether a lie is justifiable or not, that doesn't change it from being a lie. One thing about lying is that there's always a justification for it . So whether it's white lie or black lie, it's still lie. Should the person you lied to discovered you lied to him/her, the repercussion will be the same regardless of the justification for the lie. Laying kills trust. If you're in a situation that you find it difficult to say the truth just say nothing, though it's kinda difficult to do this mostly if punishment is involved because saying nothing sometimes implies consent


I think white lies can be justifiable when there is a greater benefit to do them than telling the truth. It's on a situational basis of course. I mean, if I had to lie to save a life, I would have to especially if it is a significant other. I don't believe in white lies. It's just all lies anyway. If you have to lie to try and not get someone's feelings hurt, I think you need to be better at telling the truth with euphemism and being gentle at inconvenient truths. 


I think they are justified! Furthermore, I believe that some not-so-white lies can also be justified. We all say that it is bad to lie, but that the one who has never lied throws the first stone. Besides, we live in a society where lies are promoted. Within what we call education, there is a thousand ways to lie. Let me explain: most of the rules of coexistence make us lie daily. Who of us is capable of telling a mother that her newborn child is ugly; who of us is capable of telling another person that he has bad breath or that something is wrong with him or makes him look fat? If someone tells us that they don't have a partner and you know it's because it's ugly or because of a defect, you never let them know, you prefer to say something else or shut up. These are lies that you tell almost without realizing it. If your mother-in-law invites you to eat at home for the first time and the food doesn't taste good, I doubt you'll tell her you didn't like it and that its taste is unpleasant. That is to say, socially we must lie almost daily and in one way or another there are rules that justify our lies, even, by education, we must do it.  


Yes white lies are justifiable especially when telling the truth does nothing but causes more harm to the recipient of it.

Case in point

A woman when pregnant does not feel like her usual beautiful self during this period so a man who truly loves his wife will tell those "little white lies" to make her feel good about herself.


Only those lies which are told to save someone's life could be considered justified.

Anything else ... whatever the reason, don't lie. It destroy most important thing for the relationship ... The TRUST.

So no matter how much they hurt ... always tell the, TRUTHS ... Sure, this will hurt both the involved parties, but for a short period of time.


There are times that white lies are preferred since it's less hurtful than reality😇