Apparently you can still downvote, but how is it possible?

There is currently no option for downvoting (flagging) using Musing.io. The Steem blockchain does still allow it, but it must be done from a user interface (UI) that permits flagging.


At the top of any post there is a flag on the right side. You can click this to flag (downvote) the post. If you have the requisite SP you will be able to determine what percentage vote weight you want to give the flag. Currently around 500 SP is required to get the voting slider bar on Steemit.com


On Busy.org click the ellipsis to get additional options. One of those options is to Flag the post. Busy offers the slider bar before 500 SP, so if you want to express your displeasure of a post without using a full-weight vote, Busy can be a useful option if you have less than the required SP.


You will need to authenticate this, but you can just scroll down to the bottom of your SteemWorld page and click on "Tools." Select "Manual Vote" and then fill in the link and other pertinent information. Change the type of vote to "Downvote (flag) and select the weight.

As you can see there are various options for downvoting. Some user interfaces allow it and even make it easy; others do not. 

Before you can carried away with flagging though, I would offer a word of caution. Flags can be useful to express your disagreement with someone, but a comment can also do the job. Flagging someone can impact their rewards, and when money gets involved, people can take things very personally. If you begin flagging, you may have to prepare to be flagged back... even flagged repeatedly. Be careful with your criticism and flagging as it could end up being a costly lesson. Sometimes it's better to just walk away in peace.

 tl;dr there are plenty of sites that allow you to flag, but flagging someone could lead to retaliation. Flag at your own risk. 

Images are screenshots from Steemit.com, Busy.org, and Steemworld.org respectfully


I assume you mean downvote from Musing. And it's true that we cannot downvote directly on Steemit, but it's also easy to downvote questions or answers from other Steem UIs, such as Steemit or Busy. 

On a sidenote, it's a shame that there is no downvote button directly here on Musing, because there sure is a lot of spam questions and answers. 

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Well, maybe the purpose of your question is what is the function of Downvote?

If  the question is like that, make Downvote is a feature and right that is  given to every individual in the STEEM network to keep the community  clean and quality.

Unfortunately, sometimes this feature is misused to trigger unnecessary war. 

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I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you mean downvote on the Musing platform here! XD And for some reason why do I get the feeling that this has something to do with my answer on this post:  Would a flag option be useful on musing.io to help discourage spam questions and answers? XD

While there is no downvote button on Musing, one could still easily downvote a spammy question by just a simple copy and paste. 

As an example, if I want to downvote this question I'm just gonna go ahead and copy the url of this page which is https://musing.io/q/broken.akay/f38m7yt45?r=answer

then replace "https://musing.io/q/" with "https://steemit.com/musing-threads/@" pointing me to the complete url on Steemit.com which is https://steemit.com/musing-threads/@broken.akay/f38m7yt45?r=answer

And from there can easily be downvoted/flagged. 

So yeah it is possible to still downvote a question/answer here but at the moment it requires some effort. XD


What do you mean, still. 

There was no plan to remove that feature from Steemit. 

Some dApps don't have it built in, which is a shame.

Nevertheless, down-voting is a very important part of curation process. 

It is how blockchain "cleaning" projects return rewards into the reward pool for actual quality content creators to enjoy.

Is a spammer or plagiarist cash their rewards, that's $ value quality content will not be rewarded with.