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What Social Media sites do you use and what do you post the most on every one of them?
I have a theory, that most people here on musing are in a bubble, and they don't answer question that are not quite related to crypto, live or the blockchain. I just want to be proven wrong.

If I live in a bubble, then it's a crypto bubble, floating around somewhere on the Steem Blockchain.

I don't have time for social media sites like facebook and the likes.

I've found a way to monetize my skills socially. It's not practical for me to waste time on platforms consumed by close minded individuals, who's idea of debate is to call you names, say your stupid, ect..

I'm not only happy to have gravitated away from them, I'm also grateful to have found crypto, and like minded individuals. 

One thing has become apparent with the advent of the internet. There are many stupid people in the world, but there are also many like minded individuals, who pride themselves on compassion and intelligent conversation, and it's these individuals that you find in places like this. 

I don't think the majority of Steem users are in a bubble. I think most of us are sick of social media and feel it's nothing but a catalyst at bringing mankinds worst attributes forth. 

The future will bring more of these types of people that we don't like to our space, but it's necessary for growth, and they will likely not cause the same problems over here when they see dollar signs. Money is a good incentive for people to act like adults, and put their best foot forward. 


Oftentimes, STEEMIT.

Steemit is a social media platform for me where I interact with human users in the platform at the same time learn from their blogs. Interacting with them is pure essential and I totally love learning in this amazing platform.

A big reason too for making Steemit as my main Social Media site would be the earnings. I'm happy I earn here in the platform at the same time provide opportunities to other people helping them to become a better Steemian. I am doing it since the start of my career as a Steemian and until now.

Second, Facebook.

Facebook can never be untied in our lives here. Facebook has been the main technology to interconnect and communicate with people. It was even the avenue to pursue their business in terms of spreading their products. Facebook has been a big help to entrepreneurs in our area and even in our country.

Third, Youtube

Though it has been bombarded with a lot of advertisements, we can never deny that Youtube has been providing a great service to listen music, watch videos, and witness some livestream videos (like Steemfest happening) right now. So, I mean its a great avenue for vloggers and video watching moments.

Lastly, Instagram

A social media to share lovely photos. Instagram is a champion of an avenue for bloggers, lifestyle, and artists. You can share your wonderful photos and they provide photo-editing captions and some amazing features for your posts to be great. I am using it too at @millenial.wanderer


I use three social media platforms but the majority of my free time goes to Steem (90% to Musing lol) 

As for the other two: Facebook! 

What I mostly post on Facebook is just Anime, TV Shows I am currently watching, some random rants about personal life and that's it! I also spend a good 15-30minutes just browsing on my news feed and catching up to what people I personally know are up to. XD

I also use Reddit!

Although I don't post but I really love reading other people's contents there. I usually lurk at the Anime/Manga/TV Series sub-communities to read what other people think of about the latest episode/chapter and read their theories of what's gonna happen next.

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I answer all questions that are about anything BUT crypto and blockchain.

Well, that was a lie.

I do answer those ocassionally, to my best ability. We are on Steemit, if it's about Steemit, might as well answer if I know the answer...

But to answer your primary question.

I use Facebook. I don't post though.

I used Twitter for 2 weeks. Then got banned for disagreeing with someone snowflake.

I use Steemit, obviously.


That would be all.


I use instagram for pictures and videos because it is easy and simple to use. I also don't need to be bombarded with all the nonsense that is on Facebook.

Once in a while I will check out twitter, and retweet something to receive some airdropped coins. 

I also use WeChat a lot since I live in China and it is basically an all in one platform. 


For now, it is steemit.com here I post my articles. Prior to this time, I was very active on Twitter. I basically just shared my thoughts and engage with people. But when I discovered steemit I decided to move here. I am basically doing the same thing but earning something for it. What better way to empower end users.


Steem. I sometimes pop by on Facebook to see what my IRL friends of relatives might be saying. I occasionally drop a comment or two. I spend very little time on traditional social media because I don't like to waste my time on them. I have allocated nearly all my social media time on Steem apps because I get something back financially that way. My use of Steem is an investment.