On what can you spend your Steem on without converting it to other crypto?

Well right on the steem block chain I know of a few possible transactions that are performed without the need for converting to crypto.

A good first is buying Gold through Mene 24k Company. They have a solid presence on steem And allow for transactions with steem in purchasing gold. Gold is a solid investment that is bound to maintain stable value in the Medium term.

Also a couple of people usually advertise their products here on steem. Papa Pepper has posted quite a fee accessories that could be purchased directly. While there may be a challenge finding trustworthy people, trade transactions without converting to crypto happens quite frequently.

Furthermore there is the option of converting directly to fiat without first converting to crypto. Some platforms allow for this seamless conversion of steem such as stednexchanger.

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There use to be a steem marketplace where you can directly buy merchandize with your steem but I am not sure it exist anymore since I could not find the plugin. However, you can see a list of businesses (including e-commerce businesses) that accept steem directly here https://steemeconomy.com/

I am quite sure the list would grow enourmously by the time smt launches next year.


What you can spend Steem on is soon to increase, It will cover many things from craft to jewellery, art to music. 

Coming soon is a shop front for all who have steem and would like to trade with steem. Dstors, Dstors will be intended to work with small shop owners with support provided toward the costs of shipping. More about this store can be seen by looking up @derangedvisions on the Steemit platform. 

There are other shops also in the pipeline, @sircork has one coming out that really impressed myself. This store is more toward collectables jewellery and metals. The metals I will not be able to afford at the present time, but the Collectables and some of the jewellery will be within my price range fro gifts to others.

Already we have the Steem Monsters which Steem can be used to purchase the cards. There are other games in the pipe line like Chibera Which will offer the use of Steem for transaction within the game, 

There are many projects with people working on them for the Steem chain, and all will benefit and promote the use of Steem. This will lead to others taking ideas and concepts and using them to create new and alternative uses for Steem and other Crypto.

Using Crypto in general will become more frequent.