Does it annoys you when you can't find something to upvote when having 100%?
or is it just me ?
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I think it might be just you, or only a few. I never seem to have an issue finding what I consider to be quality content. I actually have the opposite problem. It's hard for me to recharge, because I am constantly finding quality content to vote. 

I actually don't get angry if I don't have anything to upvote with my 100% but on a serious note i love to upvote good posts from minnows like me because I know how it feels not to gain anything in return after rendering your effort.

I also haven't experienced my 100% power not to be used per day because I love to support other people. The fact is do you think musing will be active today if they had kept their upvotes due to some answers or questions posted by some people? No! The support people gain from musing enabled the platform to keep gaining more users.

I may not be chance to upvote some people's posts if I have 100% due to my tight schedule or activity but I later get back to upvote their posts. Also, some people do send their links to me privately, which I try as much as possible to upvote depending on my bandwidth %.

I believe in supporting others and helping others according to my capability and this is why I don't often experience 100% bandwidth.

In conclusion, I don't think we should always get angry about not being able able to upvote with our 100% bandwidth, I believe we can add more values to some people's lives just by helping and supporting them with our upvotes. We don't have to be focused on a certain group of people or certain content. Just do what is right and be compassionate by helping others grow on the platform. We will surely be remembered for the impact we've made in people's lives just like musing, PAL and many other upvote supporting group will never be forgotten by their impact in most Steemians lives.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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No I wish I had more.

The way the curation is made on posts now you would be crazy not using your votes. It baffles me when people go to bed and their voting power is at 90% or more.

I will look for a new user and give them a vote to help them along. Sometimes it is not about the post but more of helping someone who is trying and needs a little help. I know what it was like for me when i just started and to get a vote helped me continue.

There are so many good posts out there and use your votes to interact and grow your account. if you do this properly you won't have enough voting power to give everyone you want to vote. 

Looking for those to support in steemit won't be an issue if you belong to a community or have specific interest you always blog about. Whenever I'm looking for people to support, I always visit pages of tags I use often. Those are where most of my audiences are, so I always try to support good posts under such tags.

I also belong to some communities and have some cool people that I've built connection with, so I always support those people when I don't find interesting posts to up vote.

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Yes. That's one of the reasons I use steemfollower.com.

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There's always someone who's deserving in my opinion. 

I've been on Steemit for two years now this month.  I have made it a point to take whatever voting capacity I have left over in the form of upvotes, and browse for new users, those promoting Steemit #promo-steem and others I feel would appreciate some STEEM Love, and I provide it.

Because I am delegating most of my SP, at the moment I'm only giving $0.01-$0.02 per upvote, but that'll change soon. 

I never have that problem.

I use steemauto and have many trails and users set on fanbase so I will never reach 100% (well until the next HF at least)

Between that and manually folks, not really a concern for me

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Yeah, I also really need more people to follow and upvote. I will start following you, voila.

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