DO most guys find girls with red lips more attractive?
WHY did girls wear lipsticks?

Make-up is meant to enhance the traits that are already there. 

Men on average like full, kissable lips of a young women.

So it's not red lips that guys like so much as they like lips the lipstick is drawing attention to. 

And, as it's meant, the attractiveness of those lips is enhanced by well applied make-up. 


Not necessarily. It's more on the face and then checking out the body overall. The red lips are just eye candies that draw some attention to the face. It's more on how the girls carry themselves with the look that makes them more appealing. Make a gorilla wear make up and have it dressed, you're still going to get a gorilla with make up and a dress. 

Red lips add to the visual appeal but if the girl doesn't know how to project sexy, it's not going to happen. 


Not always. But I find sometimes dark blackish lips attractive. Again not always. It depends on the face I believe. Naughtiness, boldness and black! WOW!


Yes, red lips are considered more attractive. That's why women wear a red lipstick. It comes down to evolutionary psychology again. Human females do not have visible ovulation like most mammal females. In their menstrual cycle, they do have a period of maximum fertility. During that period, many women report a higher level of interest sex but only with men they find attractive. Many tend to dress more attractively or become more flirtatious during their peak fertility window. Women's faces tend to become redder when they are at their maximum fertility but the difference is too small for men to detect. Lipstick and makeup may be associated with higher fertility in men's minds which causes men to pay more attention to them. What women want is attention from men in general and from attractive men in particular.



I am a guy but I am not totally attracted with girls wearing lip sticks. Besides, lip stick can fade and such enhancement is just temporary. I do get attracted with face either with make-up or not. Some girls are naturally beautiful, and they don't need any facial enhancements to look beautiful. Other girsl look better with with red lip stick on. So it kinda defends how the girl carry herself.

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It is much like any animals in the animal kingdom. They use it to enhance traits and draw attention. Personally I think it is attractive. Some guys like no makeup at all.