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What's your reaction to beggars? Do you always give to them?

I mostly don't give money to beggars, to be honest. My reason behind this is because I live in a socialist country where everyone get provided with food and shelter by the government if they need it - at least in theory. This means that we have very few beggars that are neither alcoholics or drug addicts, and I prefer not to donate money to support an addictive habit like either of these. It might not be politically correct to admit this, but at least that's my view on the matter. 


I have mixed reactions.

First, I'm not against begging if the individual has no other means of survival. I'm obliged to help those who I have perceive are handicapped and cannot go snout with gainful employment.

They are everywhere these days, especially here in Africa. I tend to help when I have money I can spare.

However, in this part of the world, vodoo exists. It's not uncommon to hear stories of what people face because they are decided to help out. Many times, we've heard confessions from people who claim they were witches, how that they pose in strategic locations to for negotiations for money. They collect these monies and use them to attack their owners or give them bad fortune.

This has made me a little conservative. I don't really fear them as such but I allow myself to be led to gives than to just give at any time.

Also, the habit is now becoming annoying. In my country, people from the north troop into the south to come beg for money. It's become like a rosey venture to them. That's what I hate the most. The worst part of it is that they use kids to do the begging. It's really annoying.

In that's part of the country, people give birth with reckless abandon and won't take care of the products of their cravings. The next thing is first them to pay their fare or get them onto a truck that's heading south. The only thing those kids and their mothers are left to do is beg.

I remember one occasion when I was returning to school for a new semester. I was in a place called Ring road which used to be VERY VERY busy then. People were always moving fast.

I caught sight of one of these kid beggars, a young but handsome boy. I was feeling sorry for him. I winked at him just to make him happy. The next thing I saw was he clinging to me. He wouldn't let me go until I gave him money. I had just two notes on my wallet then and was supposed to pay for my transportation. I was forced to give him a one of them. Since then, I try to mind my business and offer my assistance only when I have the means.


Well i sometimes give to beggars and sometimes i don’t but it depends on my pocket at that moment and also

my mood,sometimes i might be in a mood that i would not even have interest to look at anyone including

beggars,but i usually give beggars money when i have but when there is no money i will not give the beggar...

but i believe that begging is wrong but many beggars have the reasons why they turned to begging as a way to survive but i do not think 

begging to survive is the right way to go,i believe those beggars should simply go and work and stop begging...


I often give to beggars. And I would want to give to each one of them, every time.

But as I pass by quite a lot of beggars and homeless people each day (Like 20-something at least), I cannot do that. Not to each one, not every time, not without going into poverty myself.

What I do try to give them, each one I pass, and each time I pass them, is a smile, and my respect.