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What is the cryptocurrency that has the brightest future?
In your opinion, what are the crypto currencies that have the brightest future, and can be used for long-term investments?

The ones that have a bright future are the ones with an every day use. A few others will do very well due to paying dividends for holding their coins like Neo paying out Gas.

The Chinese and Japanese did a list of coins to hold in the Future and what I found interesting is that both lists were very similar. Steem was in the top 10 on both of them. Bitcoin was in the top 20.


The eventual fate of cryptocurrency is splendid and digital currencies are slanting everywhere throughout the world as the web installments have been acknowledged by numerous organizations. Cryptocurrency is inclining installment and speculation resource simply like how individuals put resources into common assets, land, pieces of the overall industry, silver, and gold these days. More financial specialists are keen on contributing their cash on these cryptographic forms of money, and the expanded interest of cryptocurrency has expanded its costs a considerable measure. 

Note that it isn't late to put resources into digital forms of money. In any case, the truth of the matter is that we can't put more in Bitcoin in light of the fact that its cost has officially contacted the sky. That is the reason we need to pick the coins whose cost is low and will increment in next couple of years. 

There are in excess of 3000 digital currencies on the planet and it is extremely hard to perceive the correct cryptocurrency to contribute. Notwithstanding, the eventual fate of cryptocurrency can be anticipated by taking a gander at their market top and numerous others thing. 

Putting resources into cryptocurrency can be productive on the off chance that we select the correct coin to contribute. That is the reason we must be watchful while putting our cash in cryptocurrency. We can acquire a decent measure of cash by exchanging altcoins. Then again, there will be immense possibility of enormous misfortune on the off chance that we are new. 

Bitcoin began the pattern is as yet the pioneer. In any case, a portion of the other cryptocurrency that hit the scene inside the most recent few years indicates genuine guarantee with their square chain immeasurably enhanced and overhauled over Bitcoin's own one of a kind. 

The vast majority are in any event to some degree acquainted with Bitcoin regardless of whether they don't precisely see how it functions. In any case, when they start to get required with cryptocurrency, they might be astonished to discover that there are several cryptographic forms of money (a.k.a altcoins) out there other than Bitcoin 

Digital forms of money are exchanged diverse ways and they utilize various distinctive calculations. 

The fundamental qualities that you should consider before buying or putting resources into digital currencies are: retailer acknowledgment, confirmation strategy, and market capitalization and day by day exchanging volume. 

Retailer Acceptance – A cryptocurrency isn't a lot of utilization on the off chance that you can't buy anything with it, so before you put resources into it, it's imperative to know who and where it was acknowledged. A few coins are essentially worked for different purposes and they aren't intended to be traded for merchandise. A portion of the prominent cryptographic forms of money are generally acknowledged simply like Bitcoin, while some digital currencies must be traded for different cryptographic forms of money. 

Accord Method – One of the primary contrasts between cryptographic forms of money is their check strategy, and the most seasoned and most normal technique is called Proof of Work (POW). A PC needs to invest time and vitality taking care of a troublesome math issue to pick up the privilege to check an exchange. In any case, the issue with this technique is that it needs an immense measure of vitality to work. Then again, Proof-of-Stake (POS) frameworks endeavor to comprehend this issue by giving the clients with the biggest offer of the money a chance to check the exchanges. These frameworks guarantee quicker exchange speeds and require less preparing capacity to work. In any case, worry over security implies that few coins utilize a totally verification of-stake-based framework. 

Market Capitalization and Daily Trading Volume – A cryptocurrency's market capitalization is the aggregate worth of all coins at present available for use, and at the season of composing, the aggregate cryptocurrency showcase capitalization is about $139 billion. High market capitalization can demonstrate a high esteem for each coin. Note that the day by day exchanging volume of monetary standards could really compare to showcase capitalization.

despite the price glut bitcoin is experiencing right now and as a matter of fact all alt coins, bitcoin still has the highest propensity to have a more brighter future with etherum, litcoin, ripple, dogecoin and steem following in close gap.


To me I think any cryptocurrency that has real life application and a large user base has a bright future. If a cryptocurrency can be used consistently as a result of its application and it's user base is large, it will certainly stand the test of time. This is one of the reasons why I think steem has a future. What steemit just need to do is to take care of it's lapses so that it can outdo its competitors


WHich Crpto has more trade and have large Users and people also use that currency in buy or selling purpose .