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What is the best dApps for newbie to grow faster on Steem network?
This question is dedicated to newbie in Steem that only has delegated SP with limited activities. What dApps they can use to grow faster with their limited chance to post / votes?

### Steemhunt

Do you know about https://www.producthunt.com/ ? @Steemhunt is the bigger and better version of it on Steem Blockchain. https://steemhunt.com/

### Steepshot

@Steepshot for photographers, brands and lifestyle influencers. Instagram alternative on Steem. https://steepshot.io

### DTube

@Dtube for video content creators and influencers. YouTube alternative on Steem. https://d.tube

### Musing IO

@Musing as Quora Alternative on Steem. https://musing.io

All these DApps are new user friendly! You can contribute to them and earn your initial few bucks. But it's better to get involved in various communities as per your interest. Success will happen overtime and it needs a lot of action from anyone's side to make it happen. Cheers!    


With no doubt I would directly say that Musing is the best dApp that a newbie can use to grow in steem platform. Initially when a newbie starts in steem platform, there will be lots of dApp options available but they will have few difficulties to sustain in the platform. Some of the generic problems that Musing can solve for a newbie are as follows:

Choosing a topic to write

I would like to share my personal experience on this. Initially I used to write articles on different topics and after a point I really got saturated where finding a topic to write became a bit of a challenge to me. I used to write articles on random topics but I have a practice where I don't write articles below 500 words. If I don't choose the right topic, it becomes difficult to write article and if I don't really have nice content, I will end up dragging the same point again and again. I had this problem a lot. 

After joining Musing platform, I was able to easily find topics of my interest and write a detailed article on the same. Questions that I really impress me becomes the topic for my article. If I have some extra time I will also be able to write more than one article per day. 

Curation on the post

A big challenge in steem platform is the curation part. If you are good writer, you will be motivated to write only if you have good readers and curators. If there are no takers then there is no point in giving as well. In that perspective, Musing team is having a  good curation team that really works hard in recognizing the efforts of good writers. The transparency here in musing is highly commendable because everyone is treated equal here. If they give good answers in the community they get rewarded. There is no hidden games here. 

The musing community also has a decent delegation from whales with which they curate the content posted in the community by the members. If you are genuine writer with good skills and knowledge to share, then you will definitely attract the curators in the community. There is no extra effort required. 

Knowledge sharing

When I started in steem platform an year before, I had several questions in my mind. It was quite hard to find answers to all those questions. I took nearly 2 months to understand the basics about this platform and how it works. I was also very new to blockchain and it kind of looked like a new world to me and I was like a new born child here. It was quite hard to get the right knowledge. But musing plays a vital role in knowledge sharing. Especially a newbie can easily search and find answers to the questions they have in their mind. 

Newbies are also free to ask any question in the platform and it will be answered by several members. If you are an expert in a particular stream, you can take a chance to answer any questions from that particular stream. 

Beginner to writing

Some of the newbies joining steem platform can be all the way new to writing. In such cases, writing a big or detailed articles can be quite exhausting for them. In order to increase their popularity in steem and just to get hands on things happening here, they can use Musing as the base platform to improve their writing abilities. Even if they are not completely into writing articles, they can write answers to the questions asked in musing and if at all they have some questions in their mind, they can ask them.  You can choose a tag in your area of interest and find questions on that particular tag and write answers for the same. If your answers are really impressive it will be curated by the community curators. 

I feel out of all the dApps available on top of steem platform, Musing is really a great one that can help a dedicated writer to grow in the platform. 

Image Source: Pixabay.com

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The best dApp that most of the users should engage with should the "Starting-phase" of the dApp. I have been with it countless times that made me grow faster in the Steem network. Here are the proofs :

1. Utopian-io

When @elear started the Utopian-io asking for support to the community, Steemit users showed their support by delegating to @utopian-io account. By that time, we foreseen that the project will do very good and we participated in the network, "bringing open-source contributions in the Steem blockchain".

Because almost always during the starting phase of a project always have a low user-base, we were very few to compete with the rewards given by Utopian. 

2. Steemhunt

When Steemhunt just started, it also has low user-base which means few people will benefit the rewards given by @steemhunt. So, again very few compete with the rewards given.

3. Musing

When musing started, they also have low user-base. Which made me participate by answering questions and posting questions under https://musing.io. Again, very few compete with the rewards given so it was almost assured that those few users are rewarded.

My point is, participate on promising dApps that has just started. Explore the platform and you'll see emerging dApps that has just started.

But if you'll ask me who among those dApps that are still very promising which will boost your career in Steemit, I'll suggest

Utopian-io , Musing , Dtube , and Fundition are very promising for me. The other dApps are trying to distribute their votes to the users who "participate" and not the actual quality contributors for me.


This would still depend on his/her interests and niche!

Take for example an aspiring artist who is new to Steem. He could post his drawings via Steemit.com, Busy.org, ESteem and even Steempress and might get lucky to get an upvote from this platforms and from some orca/whales who are still manually curating around. 

However there is a platform that focuses on artists and is called @artisteem. If an artist post their content there (which are focused mostly on artists) then he has a higher chance to get upvotes from people who really love art/drawings. Artisteem also is an orca account that gives around $3-$7 last time I checked.

Other example would be one whose niche is to give tutorials or play around with program codes. Instead of other platforms he could try @utopian-io for that big fat upvote since Utopian is focused on open-source coding/projects.

So it will still depend on one's interests and niche! But for people who are still not sure on what their passions are I highly suggest trying out these platforms:

  • ESteem - For personal blog posts
  • SteemHunt - For people who loves to review products and/or new technologies around
  • Musing - For people who love answering questions
  • SteemPress - For those who really love to blog and write exceptional blog posts
  • DTube -For doing video blog posts 

These are the 5 DApps that gives out decent-to-significant upvotes that will really help one to grow faster. These 5 also are after quality so if your blog posts are of quality then the chances of you receiving a decent upvote is high. XD


Most DApps are targeting a certain and have a really strict guidelines that a contributor is required to follow; which I personally respect. But since the question is about a newbie's growth in a speedy fashion, then I strongly recommend MUSING!

I think it's an obvious choice for those who truly know the potential of it being one of the most generous curation with its 1m SP. A single vote will definitely reward a user with a generous amount of tokens and build your reputation score at the same time.

Another interesting aspect of musing.io is that you have freedom on the topic that you would like to discuss through "questions". Each day there are also a variety of topics from crypto, life, love, and so on that will really keep a user motivated.

Of course there are other DApps that are also doing a great job in distributing stake through their curation work but I personally think that musing.io has the capability to scale quickly and still provide value to the Steem blockchain through the insight and or ideas of the its users.


I have tried a bunch of Steemit Dapps and here is my favorite list. They are listed a s per the ranks!

  1. Musing - Musing is the best one as I am receiving good upvotes on my answers and I am very much happy with musing. Easy and straightforward!
  2. Actifit - I have Actifit on my phone which tracks activity and after submitting the activity I get a decent upvote + Afit tokens! Requires less work!
  3. Steemhunt - I used this dapp around 4 months ago, the problem with the platform is that one have to search a product and cross check if it exists or not. Requires more work! 
  4. Steempress - It is not a dapp but a plugin to associate your blog with steemit. For every post you earn around a SBD upvote. Requires more work!
  5. Esteem - A beautiful interface of steemit plus you receive a decent upvote. A large part goes in beneficiaries which sucks but it worth a try. 
  6. Dtube - I used it to post my vlogs though I haven't received any good returns from it! Requires editing and a lot of work!
  7. Steembottracker - Not a dapp but a great tool and spot for bid bots. Heavy risk of loss if you don't know its working!

I would recommend three Dapps to newbie as I believe these are the amazing apps

1 Musing

2 Dtube

3 Steemhunt

I consider musing at number one due to easy to use and easy to adopt. All you need to do is to put your thoughts and point of view on answering the question. You can also ask the question yourself. Musing platform give you decent reward on quality reply

DTube is the next one. It gives opportunity to share your creativity around the world. It required little effort to share unique ideas. Dtube also gives decent reward

The last but not the least is steemhunt. It is a wonderful platform for sharing cool products and earn decent rewards


Definitely dtube musing and steemhunt


is one of the dapps that pays better value to your posts.

I have seen new users with values ​​of 15 to 30 in their posts and they are new.

It's a way to get fast sp. to have a lot of mana and be able to comment.


 is another good option, but being new the user has a maximum of 3 publications.

A new user can earn steempower creating posts about technology.

The difficult part is find/hunt a good article to share with the hunters community.

Another good option to achieve it would be musing.

we all use it but it would be more difficult for a new user to answer only 3 questions per day

Finding friends being new is very difficult and you do not have to waste the mana


Musing and Steemhunt

They are both easy to use.

You don't have to be friends with anyone to get upvote

You can submit both short and long content (as long as they are original and relevant)


Well when I joined on Steem Blockchain there were not many options to choose from but now the new users has lots of options to choose from and they have a high chance of making them visible on Steem Blockchain.

For instance 

  • Musing

The user do not need to be an expert but with few basic skills they can answer the questions (the high chance of getting support from Musing) and they can get rewarded which will boost the path of the Steem Journey as it has been doing ours for quite some time.

  • Dtube

A video content creator platform it is. While sharing videos a user can get support from dtube in form of uovotes and they are quite big if a user is delivering good quality content. It really helps as well to increase the SP.

  • Steemhunt

Just hunt product and if the product is valued by the users or if you get high huntscore than the rewards will increase exponentially as well.

This are the top 3 dapps in my point of view and they have helped me in a various ways.

While there are other dapps as well such as

  •  busy.org for blogs (busy bot are there to upvote contents by using "busy" tag)
  • Tasteem: Food lovers, just visit the restaurants and give reviews and in return just get rewarded in return in the form of upvotes from tasteem )
  • Esteemapp : Use Esteemapp and use esteem as tag and if teh post is selected by curators the post will get upvoted by esteemapp.

Hope they the answer helps.