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How to develop children's creativity?
I have 2 children, and I want to grow their creativity and talent from an early age. What should I do? - or how best to do it?


Discover their talent; children often have a knack to show some sort of talents at very tender age and when they do some parent do not take this little signs of talent into coigniscance as a result of this, these tiny spark of talent dies off that's why as a parent, it's imperative for you to look out for any form of talent from your child, it may be that they love hitting the table with items like spoons and cutlery irregularly and when you discover these you can buy them small piece of drums so that they can continuously experiment it may be a hidden talent you don't know of.

SECONDLY ASK THEM QUESTIONS; even at a very tender age of two, it's imperative that you ask them questions about their dreams, some children already has dreams and it's important that you listen to their fantasies and educated them on the advantages, the challenges involved, buy them educational magazines and books on their dreams, for example if a child says he wants to be an artist, you should buy him crayons and sketch books also employ him or her a teacher to nurture these dream, this way, you'll be helping develop their creativity.

Do not hush them; children are amazing and they say a lot of things do not try to keep them quiet sometimes they want to say things and express a lot of things and do a lot of things with their mind, always watch me and encourage them this way they can exhibit more creativeness.

Buy them writing materials, allow them play with instruments like  guitar, keyboards, expose them to visual images as  because their mind is more creative and easily accumulating.


Children see the world with different eyes, interpret reality in their own way, and are able to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. So usually it is not too difficult to help them reach a greater creative potential, As a psychologist recommend you start by denote a little their skills, see what they stand out and what they like more to do, because it will not help to lead them to do something they really do not like.

Another important point that will undoubtedly give them a little push is to make them leave the routine, the ordinary and take them to try new things and spontaneous. Of course you don't saturate them with things either, since that always overloads their minds and they are children after all.

But for me the most important point is always to provide new experiences, which make their mind able to open up to new possibilities; funny documentaries or excursions where they has contact with nature and can themself be a first-hand observer are of great help because it show them different aspects of natural life. 

And above all give him the confidence to be himself and not to be afraid to try things that others don't. 


One of the ways to increase creativity in a child is to start stimulating the child's mind when that child is still young. The best time to really increase neuro connections between different neurons in the brain. When that child grows to an age where he or she understands its good to let that child interact with the different stimuli around and not lock the child in a room. Some over protective parents tend to do that and it inhibits the child's mental develop. I have seen some of children who can't speak and has limited vocabulary due to being the only child at home yet the parents limit that child to always be at home.

Give the child challenging task and ask them to do it. Give them something that you think are safe which are much more complex and give them a set of ways to complete it and see if they can do it or not. Train them to read instead of what many parents do now to make their lives easier by giving their child a smartphone which may reduce time of taking care but it's going to create an unhealthy habit. Some parents have complained that they can't even control their children anymore when their child is only nine or even six.


There are many ways to develop creativity in the child, everything will depend on the space and age of the child. As parents, we can invent games where children can express themselves, solve problems or assume roles. For example, if we read him a story, we can ask him to make a character or a sound. In the same way we can do it with music. The child can invent melodies from a vowel or consonant. In the educational field, there are many more tools and ways to promote creativity.

Remember that according to his age, the child belongs to a school grade, which will be advantageous, since the teachers will know what kind of activities to do to motivate them. For example, it is very common to send them to draw facts of their life or people who have marked it; in the same way, to make them invent a story from an image. Another of the most common activities is to make plays where the child can represent elements of nature. From this exercise, not only will the way in which the child looks at his environment be derived, but it will also be possible to teach. 

What must be clear in this type of exercise that each child has its own time and its own pace of learning.