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What types of videos can generate upvote on D.tube?
Maybe this is a silly question, but I really want to know what types of videos are allowed on d.tube, so I can start generating upvote / steem?

That's' a good question and I'll answer based on my experience when I did create some videos on Dtube got upvotes sometime and sometime not.

So all the dApp platforms have their criteria right? As the Steem Power gets diluted with every upvote and they need to cover as many good content creators as they can to get them motivated and thrilled. 

We have these similar guidelines in musing, steemhunt, Dlike and other platforms including Dtube as well. Here are some of the pointers that should help you get an upvote from Dtube but is not a guarantee. 

- Start with your introduction -introduce yourself Video on Dtube - This is the best way to get started by creating an introductory video. You could cover that what your channel will be all about and something about yourself. I've seen good introductory videos getting an upvote from Dtube and should be a good motivation to get started.

- Be innovative and show your creativity  - creating a video that showcases your creativity and talent is admired by every community member. The video should entice people to watch through and should spread positive vibes could be in the sense of knowledge, fun anything.

- Good Quality Video - Dtube likes good quality video and when I say good quality it means there should be no blurredness in images or much background noise as this distracts the audience and overall does not give a good impression about your skill and seriousness. 

Image Source: hubstatic

- Follow the guidelines and rules - practice ethics and community guidelines. Breaking rules are something which no platform will tolerate and hence ensure that you are bringing in or creating your own content and not plagiarizing others work. Give credits to other works if taken as a resource to create your video. Altogether follow the community guidelines and you should be on the right track to receiving upvotes from Dtube and other community members.

These were some of the major pointers to adhere to if you are looking for an upvote from Dtube and some other practices will include:- 

Be consistent with creating videos and do not lose hope if you didn't get an upvote. There could be scenarios where everything is good and you didn't get an upvote so do not lose hope and be consistent I would say and the upvote will follow.

Keep an eye on the trending videos and videos that get an upvote consistently as this will give you ideas for your next video creation and the motivation to bring that creativity out from you in creating the best videos.

Finally, I would say creativity, consistency, good quality, following community guidelines and a message in your video would definitely help you getting that upvote from Dtube

Good luck with your Video Creation Journey!!!