What is the best Markdown editor plugin for wordpress?
I have tried a number of Markdown editor plugins for my wordpress, but nothing has provided a feature that I want. In your opinion, is there the best ?, and the easiest to use?
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In my opinion the best plugin editor Markdown for wordpress is Jetpack because it offers a free alternative to many plugins. That said, who says free plugin, says it's you product. Even if you disable most of the features that seem unnecessary to you. Remember to check the integration of the code of your web pages.

It is possible that Jetpack integrates, without your knowledge, heavy lines of code (gravatar style). It will be necessary to use another plugin to optimize them like FV Gravatar Cache. Yes, one more.

Remember to disable all options that are not important to you, because Jetpack causes a slowdown of your site if it is on a low-end WordPress hosting.

JetPack still has the advantage of collecting a set of extensions in one and in case of recognized flaw, the support reacts quickly to correct. JetPack is not for those who are passionate in terms of SEO, but those who want to simplify their lives without having to master a plethora of plugins.

The Best Markdown Plugin for WordPress:- 


* Markdown is considered as a basic segment of Jetpack as it is an entire toolset overall for the WordPress clients. This module joins charming highlights which bears merry go rounds, electronic life spreading, unending examining, enhanced remarks, and so forth. With the assistance of this module, you can without a great extent of a stretch provoke or deactivate particular modules, and one of those modules is Markdown truly solid structure in Jetpack which remains as one fundamental pioneer for WordPress. 

WP Markdown 

* The WP Markdown offers a touch of the extra highlights. On the off chance that you should need to use Markdown for pages, posts, remarks or custom post types, you can for the most part begin or deactivate this module in the settings > making. The vast majority of the presents are required on be made with the use out of Markdown semantic structure. The assistance bar is one of the additional highlights of WP Markdown that is in a general sense utilized by the post editorial manager and remarks to consolidate pictures, joins, square insistences, and a couple of orchestrating parts.

I have attempted most of the proposals on exchange answers and discarded those modules since they are old and unsupported or in light of the way that they … how to put it without using odd words? … now and then miss the mark for my necessities. That was adequately charming. You get the idea. 

I found this one, straightforward markdown, about unexpectedly and appreciated it. 

It's wanted to be used without the visual editor (extremely the author educates you to deactivate it), anyway if you will use markdown, you needn't waste time with it. 

I should be presented physically, anyway it's legitimized, notwithstanding all the inconvenience. 

* It supports dialect structure highlighting for code squares quickly. 

* It changes the chief with the objective that you can use tabs in your substance. Genuinely, when inside the article administrator the [tab] key convey a tab, and you can do multiline tab incorporation and scratch-off. 

* You can regardless use shortcodes 

* You can regardless use html if you need to do in that capacity. 

I favored it so much that I even added to the github adventure by making the tab option feature more solid.

In continuous time, Markdown expect a critical activity in WordPress because Markdown is an incredibly celebrated markup tongue supported by various stages. Markdown is a really observable segment of Jetpack. . PrettyPress. 

Markdown structure in 2004. Today, it draws in researchers and bloggers with the ability to write in HTML, without the use of overcomplicated and ostensibly exhausting code. 

I have recorded the best 10 Markdown Plugins for WordPress Website in underneath : 

1. Jetpack - Markdown is considered as a basic component of Jetpack as it is a whole gadget set generally for the WordPress customers. 

2. WP Markdown - Besides the general Markdown, the WP Markdown offers a part of the additional features. 

3. - Typewriter is totally fine while executing with the code a ton, and managing the markdown completely. 

4. PrettyPress - After you present the PrettyPress module, you'll see another catch ascend in the sidebar of post administrator Launch PrettyPress, and when that catch will be pressed, another chief window will be begun. 

5. Impact - Gust offers a starter adjustment to get another and exquisite executive leading group of Ghost back towards the WordPress organize. 

6. Parsedown for WordPress - Markdown module is quicker, more reliable and viably built and expanded. 

7. Sharp Syntax - This module implants Google engaging dialect structure in a customized path, in this way reflecting towards the fenced code blocks in substance and likewise comments. 

8. Impelled Custom Fields – Markdown Field - This module installs a markdown field that is only a substance section with couple of extra features and gadgets which turns the organization markdown altogether all the all the more interesting. 

9. MarkPress - MarkPress empowers your customers to rapidly make the Markdown journal with the use of WordPress. 

10. Shownotes - This module makes the Show Notes less perplexing, stays in contact with them on OSF, and gets them as HTML.