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If life is too short, why do we do a lot of things we don't like and why do we like a lot of things we don't do?

I guess because life is not perfect and it was never meant to be that way.

Although I do agree with you that life is short and we should do everything that we like and enjoy it to the max we simply can't do that.

Sometimes in order to get to a pleasant life situation one must go through situations and challenges that he doesn't likes.

Most of the things though are mind games and that's how I see the situations of liking things we don't do.

We see someone doing something or practicing a sport and we think that we might like that but in reality we don't really know how that feels-

However our mind is an endless spring of ideas and wishes and it is natural to make such assumptions and like things that we haven't done yet.

There might be also the fact that we have certain desires and fears rooted in our subconscious mind and they emerge in the least expect moment.

That's when we find ourselves that we want really bad for that thing or the other but we really don't know why.

For some things that we like and know for sure why we like we might need to do other that we don't and accept them just for the outcome and that sense of accomplishment that gives us "wen we get there".

That's life, sometimes you need to eat the bitter part first before getting to the sweet one.


I do agree life is too short. Life isn't perfect and we often have to do things we don't like. I think this makes you appreciate the things you like more.

it is like when you are at work and have to do the admin work. I find it terrible and really hate it. I love my job though but the admin is a small part of it but very important. You can't just take the good bits as that wouldn't work.

It's like things we want to eat ,most of those things are not good for you so it is a balance having good and bad things to have a healthy diet.

I love travelling but I can't afford to be travelling all the time as it costs money. Work is what makes the money to travel and is a necessity. If we were all billionaires what would we do. I am sure they still have to do things they don't like.