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Do you think life is fair?

I don't think it is fair at all. I don't want to list countless examples, so I will try to explain my point of view as briefly as I can.

Where you were born or even when you were born can determine your future drastically. You can born in a city during a war, and it is really hard to argue that a person who was born in a war zone has the same chances in life as someone who was born in a luxury hospital of a prosperous country. 

Someone can lose their mother during their birth, and their father even before that. That person can be given to a family who takes good care of them; however, the family that takes them can be psychopaths who do nothing else than harm. 

The examples I have mentioned might seem far-fetched, but in fact they are very common. However, if we want to have a look at examples that are much common, there are plenty of them too. Any act of nepotism, for example. In countries that are less developed, nepotism is more popular than developed countries, but doesn't the fact that there are some countries more developed than others show that life isn't fair?

There is this saying "Make your own luck." I don't agree. Well, in a way I do, but not quite. Working hard doesn't necessarily make you successful. You can fail and fail again, and when you expect that you will finally be successful, you fail again once more. There are people in the world, who have reached something in life simply because they have been born to a wealthy family, as there are others, who despite being smart and hardworking, couldn't even feed their families.


Sincerely i do not believe that life is fair,i believe life is full of ups and down,i wonder whenever i see some good die at a very young age and some bad people 

still keep living on earth and still causing havoc on earth but they are still alive,why do some good people die and some bad people still live??why are some 

people born into a poor family while some are born into rich family,why can't every child be born into a rich family??why can't we all just be rich and enjoy life to the fullest??

Why do some people have so many children that is even more than enough but some people still struggle to even have a child or even get pregnant??why are some people barren while someone have the ability to produce a child,why is life that way??

Some people are faithful lovers but they become unlucky and have an unfaithful partner which they do not deserve meanwhile some chronic cheats are lucky to get lovers that still stay faithful to them.....why is life that way.....


Life is not fair in my opinion. We people are different with each other, different mindset, actions and even situation. 

Human beings are judgemental and others have the freedom to make war whatever they want.

And yes life is full of ups and downs one of the reason why life can be unfair.


I suppose I'd have to ask by what are you measuring fairness?

And then there's the philosophical aspect of defining 'fair'.

I don't think in a natural world where there are gradients of temperature, and gradients of what we call 'resources', and variants of other physical things we would consider as the building blocks of the universe, fairness in an absolute sense is possible..

Then throw in these beings, with consciousness (read here as 'free will', whatever that means), who develop over time based on the environment they exist within, To say nothing of the mechanics of how they were created (I'm thinking genetics here).

This is a recipe for a rich tapestry of existence with differences across the spectrum (by whatever means one is measuring and defining a 'spectrum').


Life is fair to everyone because we all do get the set backs of life

Nobody out there is being pampered. Life's heat gets to everyone

So it's fair

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