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Any suggestions on how to stick with one partner forever?

Unfortunately, there is no formula for this.

Relationships are complicated things that do not hold a formula for success, Most of it comes down to personality on both sides, Things today are much different to when I was growing up and the expectation of being together forever lasts a bit longer now, People are living to older ages with new developments in medicines and medical care. 

Being faithful.  This might be considered one of the main factors in a relationship. If one party cheats or betrays the other, This is something very hard for the hurt party to get over and dismiss. Let us assume this is not the case and both party's would not betray the other.

Support. At some point during life one partner may develop and interest in a hobby the second does not have any interest in. Support to the others choice or hobby shows you have an interest in your partner. This reinforces the relationship and stronger bonds are created. This keeps both growing together as a unit.

Ambition. The ambitions of each can also have an effect on the relationship. If one wants to have a quiet life in the country. Retire to an easy pace of life with a natural scenery of open spaces mountains or by the beach. If the other prefers a city fast paced life and a corner shop handy for goods, The direction each is heading do not go to the same destination point, Expecting to be forever together here, I think might be a bit over ambitious.

Respect for the other. Having respect for the person, means thinking about how things you do might effect the other. It is easy to develop habits that suit us and not think of how it might effect another. For a man and woman living together this simplicity can be seen in the use of the toilet, The man uses it with the seat up and the woman with it down. Each should leave the toilet the way the other uses it, as chances are that it will be the other who uses it next. This is rarely the case in many households and most leave it as they would use it. 

Being together is about making life easier and richer for each person in the relationship. If the relationship becomes about how one feels it will break down. The emotions you share and hide bot have an effect on the relationship. If you have to hide something, (other than a gift you might have for them) then something is already wrong in the relationship.

There is also personal traits to be considered, of which there would be too many variations to discuss. There should never be a condition to you being there or them with you. Both should be free to leave or be there at their own will.

There is no one way or perfect way to stay in a relationship. The best advice I could give would be to be as openly you with the other person as possible. Brings a bunch of flowers from the florist is nice. Picking a wild flower and bringing just that can hold more presence. Flowers from the florist are a gesture, Gaining the wild flower is consideration with effort. Leaving the wild flower and bringing the other to see it. Is sharing a moment that bonds.


Just do it, as simple as that may sound. Relationships and people are not perfect, and strong love takes years to mold. 

If you feel you love your partner, try to weather the rough times, unless they are seriously affecting your mental, and/or physical well being.

And I say, if you decide you don't want to be with that person forever, do yourself and them a favor and leave them before you start cheating. That always tears a person up more. 


If partners have the following qualities they can stick together forever:-

Trustworthy: no relation can be strong if partner do not have trust on each other.

Maturity: your partner should be mature enough to stand with you in difficulties.

Openness: partners should be open to each other.

Honesty: without honesty no relation could be last longer. 

Respect: partner should have respect for each other.

Love and affection: Love and affection is the most important quality of partners.

Forgiveness: Partners should be willing to forgive the mistakes of each other.


How To Maintain Love To Beloved For A Happy, Harmonious, and Forever Relationship

1. Always hold the commitments you have made with your partner

Commitment is one thing that is really needed in a relationship. This commitment usually contains promises that must be done and shared together for the happiness of the relationship. Well, if at one time your love has begun to fade to your own partner, then you can remember and hold on to the commitment that you both made before. Because with this will help you to learn to love your partner again and help you to always maintain a relationship with him.

2. Communication

In a good communication relationship is a spice that will make a harmonious and happy relationship. You must try to always discuss or communicate everything with your partner. Do not let the problem or feeling blocking your heart hold itself for a long time so that it will explode at a time. In fact, a lot of relationships fail because each partner cannot be open and talk about what he has felt so far towards each other. If you can express your opinion and submit a complaint to your partner, it will undoubtedly give you the power of the love relationship that you both form higher and the separation will be lower. Try discussing to find new things so that the relationship is refreshed as before, so that love will return.

3. Find the best person in your partner

When love has begun to fade on your own partner, then it's good if you always try to find and find the best person in your partner rather than criticizing his bad habits. Besides being bored and bored, the reason for love fades is because we assume that a partner is not the right person for us. Well, a love relationship will last a long time if each pair tries to always be able to see the best side of their own partner, even when the couple is not showing such a figure.

Try to learn to ignore the little things that are annoying and will make you illfile, which is usually done by your partner, try to focus on the good he always does for you. Remember the things your partner always does to make you happy. And remember all the sacrifices to you. Sounding is very simple, but sometimes it's difficult. Everyone certainly wants the perfect partner in his life, but you need to remember your partner is just an ordinary figure who does not escape mistakes like yourself. Praise your partner for the good things you like about him and ignore the annoying things from your partner. Because with this, your love will remain for him.

4. Creating more time together

Bored and saturated that comes to the relationship usually because there are no new things in the relationship itself. To overcome the boredom and saturation so that your love will continue to survive on your partner, then try to do new things and look for a new atmosphere to overcome the boredom and boredom. You both can go on vacation together to a place that you have never visited together before. Because then the love will come back to bloom and the relationship becomes happier and more harmonious.

5. Set common goals

Your relationship has been established for a long time, so you certainly have a common goal in the future. But in the middle of the road the feeling of love starts to falter because of the feeling of boredom and boredom. Now for the observation, the thing you have to do is remember the common goals that you agreed with your partner. Remember your dream to build a small family with him, remember your dream to live happily with him and always remember his promise to make you happy in the future. So you might decide to stick with it. Because if you decide to get away from it it is impossible if you will find the perfect man more than your own partner, it is possible that you will get the opposite man. And if that happens then regret will always keep you up all the time. Therefore, strive to maintain a love for your partner because there is nothing impossible if we have tried.


Marry someone after falling in love and sticking to your vows.

There are no tricks to this and have been married for 30 years already. No one needs to teach you anything. Finding the right person is key and it is that simple. Reading a book about it wont help as it should be natural.

Marriage is not easy so you need to communicate all the time and keep working at it.


Sticking with one partner forever doesn't have to be or look like a burden. It's actually a loving thing to do. There's nothing like having someone to share your life, future and the whole of your being with. The experience is truly amazing. Though there may be challenges here and there along the way but with love and understanding, both of you would always scale through.

If you want to stick with one partner for ever, what you need to do is to go into a relationship with someone you share same interest and value with,that will be willing to support you as much as you would be willing to support him or her. That look for superficial qualities or fall in love with superficial qualities. Know whomever you're loving and ensure the individual is who you love not what he or she is or has.

When you're with someone that loves you as much as you love him or her and both of you made a resolve to make the relationship work, it would certainly work and last forever