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What's the best solution for a married woman who isn't satisfied during sex because of her husband's size?

Probably the best first step is Honesty. Tell your partner that you are just not satisfied with his size. He might take it the wrong way at first but over time he will understand that sex is not a one-way street, it needs to go both ways. That the two people involved in the act must end-up feeling satisfied after. Having said that, there are many ways to please a woman. The act of penetration is just one of the many ways. 

What some men normally do is to orally please the woman first until she is near orgasm. This will somewhat guarantee that the woman was already satisfied even before the penetrative act. There are also many sex toys and even role-play costumes online one could try to "spice-up" the romance in the bedroom. Most of the time, it's the repetitiveness of the said act that makes one unsatisfied. Do something out of the ordinary, surprise him/her. :)


Hello, we understand the concerns you feel. The problem of orgasm in women is generally caused by a lack of communication with a partner to understand the desire and the way men stimulate them. However, this orgasm problem can ultimately affect the quality of your next sexual relationship with your partner.

Try to communicate this with your partner, the wife needs to tell you how to stimulate you, and don't be in a hurry. Make sure you have enough foreplay from your partner before the husband penetrates so you have enough sexual stimulation.

This cycle of sexual response occurs in 4 stages; 1. Excitement (increased passion),

2. Plateau (Increased passion),

3. Orgasm (Orgasm),

4. Resolution.

You and your partner can work together in stages 1 and 2, adjusting the stages that increase arousal so that it can be in a phase of orgasm that is not too far apart and you can feel an orgasm. This indeed requires time and patience and understanding between partners. If you can't handle it alone, you can visit an obstetrician and gynecologist to help you overcome the adjustment process.

Understanding the sensitive area of each partner will also greatly help the process of achieving orgasm. Each individual has different sensitive areas on his body. In women, sexual organs that can cause stimulation are in the neck, breast, inner thighs, G-spot points on the vagina, and the clitoris. Stimulation The biggest sexual organs that can cause orgasm are the G-spot and clitoris.

The female spot is generally around 3-5 cm in the vagina so that the penis size of 8 cm is able to reach it, while the clitoris is located at the meeting of the inner vaginal lips, the upper side. If these two points are stimulated, orgasm can occur. Penetration (insertion of the penis into the vagina) can only cause orgasm in 15-20% of women. The inner wall of the vagina has a few nerve endings, so it's not very sensitive to touch stimuli. Even, actually when a woman experiences orgasm or climax while having sex, the main physical stimulation is not from the penis but the friction of the male pubic bone on the clitoris and the surrounding area (which is very sensitive because it has many nerve endings). So, keep in mind that your satisfaction is not measured by mere penetration, but understanding the sensitive areas that can increase passion and also maximize the satisfaction of each partner in sexual relationships.


Telling him would be the worst thing you could do. It’s a mans biggest show of masculinity and you don’t want to crush him. He definitely knows this from the shower rooms he wasn’t in so telling him won’t help. Just look up the positions where a small penis has the best effectiveness! Start introducing sex toys into the mix and build up to the larger dildos. The husband will think all this is great and adventurous without hurting his feelings