Is it right repeating prayers?

It depends on what people infer from the word prayer. 

Prayers can be requests from the heart to the Almighty. It can be small please for help when all is lost and man needs help really badly or else it can be requests for a better lifestyle or just about any need in particular. 

By prayers, some people would actually think it refers to chanting like chanting mantras repeatedly. The Hare Krishna Maha Mantra is chanted for sixteen rounds per day by staunch devotees of ISKCON. 

Prayers can be repeated if it is simple enough for you to do so. I have heard  people reciting long scriptures repeatedly but and this is a mighty but one should not just repeat prayers like a parrot. It is of no use if the prayers do not arise from the heart. 

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Its tough to say whether its right or wrong to repeat prayers because it depends on each individual. I personally believe that mind has great power if you continuously think about something it will happen one day or other thats why people always asks us to have positive thinking.

I personally experienced the power of my prayers when everyone says its impossible I believed in god and moved forward trusting the holly spirit and things have happened as I wished. If you share your feelings to same person repeatedly they obiviously dont like it. The only way to share all your feelings is to share it with god because god will never gone be angry if your prayers are devotional and true.

Prayer is something in which we get peace of mind and there is no need of any restriction in praying. Its something spiritual between you and the holly spirit no third person can decide your way of praying.

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In the book of Matt 6:7 the bible says When ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking” Vain repitions means foolish babbling. God frowns at this. God is not deaf. He can hear us. Saying the same thing over and over at the same time takes up a lot of time. Prayer us a conversation between God and man. Imagine a child walking up to the father and saying "Dad pay my school fees" over and over with no break. The father would think the child has gone mad, so it is with us and God. Some churches make their members recite a particular prayer over and over for a certain purpose, this is not in line with the scripture.

Our prayers should should be short and simple and not like the pagans. When Jesus thought his disciples how to pray in Matt 6:10, it was a simple prayer. When he prayed for the world in the book of John 17 which was the longest prayer he prayed in the bible we didn't see him repeating vainly. Repitioncomes easy instead of letting words come from our hearts. If you pray in the spirit you won't have need to repeat.

Instead of vain repition, be persistent in prayers just like 2cor 12:8 says pray always. Pray without ceasing. This is what the bible preaches. You can pray so many times a day about a particular issue but don't go repeating same words over and over in the same prayer.


Repeat ones prayers doesn't make it anymore more effective. We were told in Scriptures to avoid vain repetition.

Most times the reason why people keep repeating their prayers is because they have lost ideas on what to next to pray for. They just want to make up for time and lose out in the end.

I once read from an apostle of faith called Smith Wigglesworth. He said something profound. He said if you had to pray to God seven times before you got to the answer to your prayers, it meant that you asked six times in unbelief.

Jesus Christ also said in the Bible that when you pray, believe you have received the petition that you asked and you will receive it.

This means that when we pray, there should be the believe in our heart that God hears us and has granted our petition.

That's why it is important to pray in tongues. When we pray in tongues, we pray the right way.

It's very effective as in doing so, the Spirit of God prays through us. There can be no vain repetition with praying in tongues.

When we pray in tongues, we have direct connection with God's spirit. This so because the Spirit searches the deep things of God. (Romans 8:27).

Praying in tongues is the cure for vain repetition.


Some people view repeating prayers as lack of Faith, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, we just want to keep asking for the same thing until we've seen the result. It's called persistence. There's nothing wrong in repeating prayers for as long as the repetition is not caused by doubt


 It is up to you . No one can tell you what is right and wrong when it comes to religion. Whatever makes you happy and comfortable.