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As part of steem of community, what are the things that we can do to help steem?

For any community to grow, it requires support of it member. And what other way to support a community than to uphold her objective, mission and goals. Steem aims to incentivize people for providing quality contents and that's what we should do too. Keep providing quality contents, and when we bring in new members, help and support them to grow, be good ambassadors, one of the few good ambassadors and community helpers I know is @dynamicgreentk of the dynamicsteemians @dynamicrypto of the dynamicsteemians @neoxian of the neoxian city. They all try to the best of their ability to make sure that the steem platform keeps growing. And for others that are not content creators, you can buy the steem cryptocurrency to help increase the flow of the crypto around the platform.


Here's what each of us can do:

- create original and valuable content,

- engage and create a great community,

- support each other,

- support and help new users,

- support dapps,

- vote for witnesses,

- curate,

- do everything we can to make the platform attractive to new users.

Basically these are the things we can do every day.


We (Stemians) can do a lot of things to help steem network :

- Support the witnesses

- Support dApps with participations.

- Keep making good posts (qualify one, and ofcourse not plagiarism).

- Promote Steem and Steem dApps to social medias / to your friends and families.