Who is to blame for the global warming or is it just natural phenomenon that cycle and we can't do much about it?
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It actually sounds funny to hear or read that global warming is a natural phenomenon when it doesn't exist before. I don't even agree that disasters such as typhoons are natural because it is just one of the causes of global warming.

Global warming is caused by human activities which causes the surge of carbon dioxide level, and other pollutants to our atmosphere. To answer if it's natural? It is clearly not!

Who's to blame? It's the people who are abusing our environment. In fact, probably all of us had contributions to the warming of the earth. Though, there are greedy people who had intensely destroyed portions of the earth. Greed is controlling them including the government who are permissive of their activities. When disasters strike, people will blame God when im fact, people are the ones to be blamed as well.

If you want to save the earth from global warming, it will start from all of us.

Global warming is one of the three major problems caused by the increasing CO2 level in the atmosphere. The other two are the oceans becoming more acidic and the rising sea level.  The cause of the rising atmospheric carbon dioxide level is the use of fossil fuels as an energy source during the last 150 years. 

The rising acidity of the ocean (due to the dissolving of atmospheric CO2 into seawater) is bad for marine ecosystems. Coral reefs are being destroyed because of it. The rising of the sea level is causing valuable arable land and densely populated areas to be lost to the sea. The salinity of ground water is rising in some coastal areas and making it less suitable for irrigation and use as drinking water.

I think it’s fairly obvious that global warming is real and not a hoax at this point. If I remember correctly, 97% of scientists have come to this conclusion and the fact that all the nations (except US and a few others), joined the Paris Climate Agrreement indicates the level of seriousness there is. For the question on who is to blame, I also think that’s fairly obvious that it is us, the people that have caused this to happen. Unfortunately there isn’t a major way to bring it down as methane is the biggest reason and we can’t really stop it. However some things that would help are limiting greenhouse gases obviously and putting more regulations on pollution. Currently our world is already at risk, but if we keep going down this path it is very likely that global warming can have catastrophic results to our world.
I appreciate the question you asked because we all are facing a global warming problems in our life and so too stop it various precaution should be taken and also various solution should be needed .

The blaming for the global warming is due to the cutting down the trees because people are cutting down the trees for their profit only and also they make multistoried building's and makes highways to vehicle to go on.

The second reason behind the global warming is excessive use of vehicles because the toxuc gases from the vehicle is harmful to the environment and it helps to global warming.

Due to global warming many people are facing different problems such as heavy rainfall in some places whereas drought in some place,environment temperature becomes heater and also there is no proper oxygen we get after the pollution is going on.

So natural phenomenon to stop this global warming is to stop cutting down the trees and also stop uses vehicles in small distance or use government vehicle for travel purpose
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Global warming is not a natural phenomenon we all are responsible for it in the personal capacity and also the governments of the world.
We all have to contribute towards the overcoming the problem of global waring.
First of all we should try to use alternative fuels which are environment friendly.
Second step that could be taken is to save the trees, plant more and more trees.
Infrastructural changes should be made in such a way that it should be minimize effect of environment.
Maximum efforts should be made to minimize the use of electricity.
Efforts should be made that work place should be closer to home so as to save fuel and energy.
Consume healthy and natural food.
Avoid unnecessary usage of energy.
Teach our children to save the tress involve them in environment friendly activities.
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