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What dApps that you wish to be built on steem blockchain?

I wish to build a Steem Browser like BRAVE, instead of using BAT, it will entirely use STEEM. There are Steem browser extension for chrome like Steem Plus and Steem Keychain, but let have one browser that can benefit the steem eco-system.

Advertiser can advertise on the DApp and have more STEEM and SP which can be used for registering new user that download the Browser. So it can be a way for new user to have a Steem account like Brave browser where anyone can just download and have a wallet.

I cannot go into detail because I didn't think much about it, but I hope with the help of the community this idea can be a REALITY. 

Currently I have no idea where to start with this idea I have, but it can be really cool if it can be realised by the community. I think it will exponentially add more steem account which can add more marketcap. Something so one dimensional like Revain can go above STEEM with more marketcap, I guess steem can go further with additional users.

I know some Steemian have that idea for ads and smoke.io have ads, I don't mind and still enjoying smoke.io. 


I would like to see a DApp that is strictly for **onboarding**. Basically the idea would be if a new person wanted to join the Steem platform, they could just go to this one DApp to register for an account and receive all of the information about the Steem platform.

The website could introduce a person to definitions like blockchain, mining, the discord channel, curation trails, bots and etc. It could focus on how to make transfers and store passwords. And speaking of passwords, the website could succinctly go over which password is used for what function. Users who have been on the platform for a while are still confused about this function.

All of this information needs to be tied together and in a consistent format with videos and “how to” instructions.

Then all of the other viable DApps, frontends, interfaces and other websites could be linked to show the user where to go. If you would like to conduct a survey, go to https://dpoll.xyz/. If a user is interested in asking or answering questions, go to https://musing.io/. Reviews of each DApp could also be included.

If we are looking at increasing the amount of users on Steem, an **onboarding** DApp would be ideal in my opinion.

Thank you for your question @chalacuna.

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I have two DApps that I really really want to see here: A Discord-like DApp and a MMORPG like video game both built on top of Steem.

I've already said this in the past that I really find it amusing how most genuine human "engagements" are not happening on the platform itself but more on Discord, WhatsApp and Telegram.

A lot of users are afraid to leave half-assed comments on Steem in fear that the community might see it as spam. This for me honestly is a cause for concern because it's not at all social. Steem users are expected to write "quality" comments instead of genuine interactive ones or so as I've noticed. :)

As a self-proclaimed gamer myself it really would be nice if some developer here would create a game on top of Steem. 

Lately I've been playing some Ragnarok M and whenever I buy/sell items on the exchange there (the market there is pretty active too), it really makes me think that the game would be much more better if it was integrated by a cryptocurrency like Steem. You are having fun at the same time earning some money in return. 


This is a great question and something I'd like to see more conversations about within the Steemit community! I'm in no way a Developer and I think it's great to give people who build even simple blockchain applications a sense of what we want!

Here are a few things I would absolutely love.

A Tumblr Clone

Tumblr's adult content ban is, at least in my opinion, pretty ridiculous. I understand it is a reactionary measure to illegal content on their platform - however - this level of censorship hurts all social media communities and will drive the bad actors to other platforms and simply make things worse for them.

From my estimation, it seems as if a lot of former Tumblr users have run to Twitter in order to start creating content... yeah it doesn't make sense to me either.

A simple blockchain alternative may be just what we need and I'd love to see it on STEEM!

More Games

Steem Monsters is not only probably the most incredible app on STEEM, but in my opinion it's the best blockchain-based game out there (prior to that, I would say EOS Knights held the title.) While I don't know how game-friendly the STEEM platform is compared to others, I do like how games made here instantly come with a community - as everything can be linked to and talked about on Steemit!

What Do YOU Want?

I'd love to hear more about your thoughts - and - if a Tumblr dApp already exists (on STEEM or otherwise,) I'd love to hear about it!


I would like to see a Steem-based version of Patreon.com, so I can support Steemians who increase the visibility of the Steem blockchain.

I would also like to support U.S. Presidential candidate Andrew Yang in Steem, instead of USD.

And with the price of Steem far below $1.00 USD, it might open the door to micro-donations for political campaigns. 

(Some of the Presidential candidates in the United States are focusing more on raising the number of donors they have, as opposed to the amounts of each donation.)

Lastly, I hope it would bring @scottsantens back to the Steem blockchain since he stopped posting on @steemit in favor of Twitter. He has a Patreon account with $1,000+ USD in committed contributions (monthly).

  1. The image above is a screenshot of the Patreon website.

I think an app like the PiePie(formerly Lit) is a good one. Wherein you can post photos that will last for only 24 hours to earn STEEM.

I'm not sure if it's possible because post on Steemit earns within 7 days.

But I think if someone can make a Steem-based DApp like that, many Steemians that are not good in blogging will surely love it.


I would love to see more games dapps.

Do you remember Star Craft? having more games build on STEEM will help get adoption faster, not everyone is into blogging and since steemit.com has been the most popular, people tend to confuse.  It's time to have more dapps build on STEEM that has nothing to do with blogging or dapps that help the engagement of steemit.

I was a fan when I was a kid of strategy games, and I am sure I will play it again if is build on Blockchain!

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Looking now at what is being developed, i think any website that is a community can be developed as a dapp on steem blockchain. Primary cases are Pinterest, instagram, airbnb, yelp, and the list goes on. Decentralized versions of whatever you see online is a possibility and a much better one at that. Token based versions of all internet based companies are far efficient and far superior.

I was a major skeptic at one point. However, looking at dapps now and their roadmaps, my entire thinking has changed about the possibility.


A follower app that is accessible only by Steemians who get rewarded to follow people on Facebook, Instagram and Snap chat and get rewarded with Steem which is generated by the funds paid by a person who wants followers. In this way we can allow a lot of cash to flood into the Steem blockchain and you also get a lot of Steem as these activities won't require much RC either. Just ratification by blockchain.