What is the best free platform for e classroom?
What are you teaching?

Khamacademy.com aims to give world class education for free. (American standard curriculum powered by Big Data so you as a teacher knows EXACTLY what your students need).

Duolingo is a free platform that provides a growing range of language lesson in a gamified and addictive way. Im using it myself to learn German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Codecademy is a free coding education platforms that provide education for free (though they do offer paid version for the serious learners). Im using it to learn to code HTML5 and Python and plans to learn Solidity and C++, the code that runs Ethereum and EOS.

EdX is a video platform thats all the open source University lectures from top Universities. Many lecturers to record their classes and release them for free. your students can watch them as if they are the the top Uni classes.
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www.khanacademy.org The name of the Khan Academy is known worldwide for the best tutorial videos. The great range of subjects taught here and the method of teaching have made millions of people their fan. It started in 2006 and many of the well-educated and educated people around the world are making it the best by joining it.

What's special - it makes it special, it's interactive. - This site not only provides information through video tutorial, but also through practice sessions, users can also predict how much they are learning. - The education module has been designed in such a way that everyone feels that the video has been prepared accordingly. - The style of teaching on blackboard through chalk gives a lot of personalized realization.

- The language of playback in English is English but it has been kept easy so that people can understand it. - In both the students and the students, the control option is given. - For small classes like First, Second and Third Standard, parents can guide themselves to children and make access to content accordingly. If anyone has the passion and talent to teach, he can also join this online. However, for this, Khan Academy does not make any payment for this. - It can be used for home schooling very well. Here are special modules for home schooling, which can be taught at home on a regular basis.