I have $5000, should i do crypto or forex trading?

I think it's funny how some here claim crypto is high risk and forex isn't. I've never made easier money in my life than with cryptocurrency. But there are a few rules that you have to follow in order to be successful with it.

The most important one is trading the sentiment, which can be extreme since crypto is very volatile. You have to do the opposite of what the masses are doing. When everyone is greedy because the prices gone up much and they think it will last forever, sell to them. On the other hand when prices crash and most people think it's over for crypto you have to load up your pockets. This is how investing works and especially with crypto since it's so sentimental. As smart money you try to pray on the stupid money, steal money out of the noobs pockets.

High volatility is often the case with new technologies. The dotcom bubble was kind of the same. I think the reason is that it's hard to value a new technology so investors don't know what to make of it. It's not like with stocks that you can look at P/E and peg ratio's etc to determine if the stock is undervalued. How to calculate the intrinsic value of a cryptocurrency? I've been breaking my head over this question for a long time. It's almost impossible to give an accurate answer. But i do know that a market cap of just over 100 billion for all cryptocurrencies is not much. It could stretch to a few trillion dollars in the next few years before it become's expensive again. That's still not very much when you compare it to gold or fiat so it's not unrealistic. Especially considering we haven't even reached the high of the dotcom bubble, and crypto is global the dotcom bubble wasn't. Now with the internet things also spread faster. It's surely not over yet for cryptocurrency. When moooon. When lambooooooooo.


If you want to assume the risk of losing it ALL, forex.

If you’d prefer the risk of losing LESS, crypto - and only trade within a basket of tokens you’d be content holding long-term.


I think you should chunk part of that money in an offline business.

There are several businesses you could get involved in and make some cool gains. Besides you really don't have to be directly involved in the business, just let your money do the work for you.

Cryptos and forex are very volatile and so, it is difficult to ascertain if there will be an eventual loss or gain so even though you're going to be involved in any of these, I think offline investment is still a safer bet.

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First, we need to define what you want to do with your money. I see that is posted in "investing" so it is probably that you what a return with an acceptable risk.

I would advise to not put money on Forex, only 1% of the daily traders makes money and I am sure that those traders are big institutions.

In the case of Crypto the future is very uncertain, we don't know what is going to happen in two or ten years. There's a big opportunity, but I am sure that puting all your eggs in one Crypto-basket is not they smartest idea.


Spend some of it on silver. At least you'll have something tangible in your possession. At you can get silver at a very good price right now.


Crypto I think! Bitcoin or Steem. 


I don't know much about forex trading so I will as you to invest it in cryptocurrency

Crypto's are the future and you will certainly get back a profit in no sooner time.

Now that the market is down is the best time for one to invest in Crypto's because I do predict that the bull run is going to happen in no sooner time


Honestly i will advice you to go for forex trading if you are a very skillful forex trader,but if you are not good at trading forex then just invest the money on the cryptocurrency market...


I don't suggest investing all the money in any of the two. Maybe invest at least $1k for cryptocurrencies, $1k for forex trading, $2k for offline business, and $1k for savings. It is important to have savings so you have something to pick whenever you need money. $5k is already a huge amount in our country, so it is good to invest partially whatever you are aiming.


Depends on your financial situation. If you're young, have some decent savings and a stable job, do what you want with it. But whatever you do, please learn about that space or activity in detail. If its crypto, invest time in understanding the tech, the market, the daily market activity and if its fx, know the macro. Understand the risks in each market. Crypto is extremely risky and volatile so look at it only if you have that kind of risk appetite.

If 5000 dollars is all you have, put it in a bank account and link it to an equity index for the long run. Please note this is not financial advice.

Also, this is not the place to seek investment advice. Speak to a wealth manager and then let them advice you.