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Is the fight of Centralization vs. DecentralizationIs the battle of , tof Centralization vs. Decentralization, the greatest battle of this Century?
The blockchain can contribute to the implementation of a decentralized society based on the sharing of collective knowledge and the "Free Code", with greater participation of the communities, promoting the fight against info-exclusion and regional, digital asymmetries and distribution of wealth, supporting and developing activities that provide benefits to the communities involved. On the other hand, almost all governments and the corporatocracy of our actual centralized kleptocracy, are experimenting to convert the blockchain to centralized applications. We must fight these closed systems where people will be totally controlled and muted, transforming it in a "prisonchain", a real invisible Panopticon where you are seen and watched by a web of invisible power bend any

@Charlie777pt, In my opinion we can say that this is an great battle because it's about the taking back the power from few and giving back to the masses. And we know that in Centralisation people just got controlled and suppressed in most of the cases, specially in aspect of "Financial Control" and "Financial Freedom". And i believe that Decentralisation will going to win.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂