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What is the best Discord channel about technical information about the Steem blockchain and why?

There is one discord channel that stands head and shoulders above all the others for technical information. The Steem Devs Discord is the one you need to visit. The details if you are interested


You will find like minded computer geeks all in one room discussing whatever geeks discuss lol. I am not into that and don't understand what they do but happy they are around on Steem.

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If you are looking for really technical information about the Steem blockchain like code-level information and explanations, then I highly suggest checking out The SteemDevs Discord Server: https://discord.gg/DfBHUtX

It's a server for the "technically-inclined" and people who know (and wants to learn) how to code on Steem. If you check their member list you will see many developers from some popular Steem Front Ends and developers of some of the Steem Tools you probably are using now. Most of the Top Witnesses are in there too so your technical questions are "most likely" be answered in there. :)

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That will be the Steem developers discord server. As the name implies, the server have members who have in-depth knowledge of the Steem blockchain.

You can get all the necessary information there. You can also hire or provide your service at the server too.

Join the Discord server here https://discord.gg/wQtunmv

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