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What is your best source and most reliable source for crypto trading?

My best source of information concerning cryptocurrency trading is steemit.com,on steemit i do

get alot of informations about many cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency as a whole,what i even love

more about steemit is that you will get diverse informations which would make you have wider

perspective about the cryptocurrency business and you will always have different resources to use to get more knowledge about the cryptocurrency business......

another platform where i also get information is medium.com,medium.com has a lovely web interface

that enables you to navigate through the website and see any information concerning any subject that you want....


Reliable in Crypto world is almost impossible due to the volatile market. An analysis can be made now and the coin will not go that way. However, I have some sources where I get daily updates on cryptocurrencies and likely price.

I belong to a telegram channel **Signals** where I receive updates on crypto price, trading pairs to consider and so on.

Cointelegraph.com is another site I use to get analysis. The trading is then up to me.