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On the off chance that your accomplice deny you from sex for a specific timeframe, which will you do, stroke off or engage in sexual relations with another person? What's more, express your reason?

I love the fact that you asked for my opinion on this question and I will answer you based on my perception. First of all when you mean accomplish do you mean your wife, fiance or girlfriend? If this accomplice happens to be a wife then it becomes more difficult so I would like to look at this accomplish from the perspective of a wife. So if this accomplice of mine is my wife and decides to deny me of sexual intercourse first of all I will evaluate our relationship im find out a cause of this because I do not think people just deny their spouses of sexual intercourse unless there is a problem somewhere so if I found out that there is a problem somewhere and this problem happens to be my fault then I will work towards making it right because I believe in marriages there are often right and there are often wrong but it doesn't matter provided we share a definite understanding and love and our relationship which can make it easier for us to settle a dispute and continue enjoying sexual relationship as before.

However if this person happens to be a fiancee or girlfriend, then it is even much more easier when it was in a case of marriage I would try to see if I could make things work better no matter how difficult it is but it is easier if the person is a fiance or girlfriend. I do not think sexual relationship is everything in a relationship it is just a pleasurable act to consummate love. So the best thing would be to peacefully break up such relationship if I found out that we do not share this desire anymore it is not necessary to cheat in a lose relationships such as girlfriend or fiance there are risks of sexually transmitted diseases from seeking sexual intercourse elsewhere and this is one of the reason why I will never look for a sexual relationship somewhere else rather the best thing would be to break off any ties and move on with your life because I think seeking for sex shouldn't make one jump from one partner to another because it is dangerous to your health.

In a nutshell I believe sex should not make people do risky and dangerous things I have given you various instances on the way I will take action if the relationship was either based on marriage, fiance or girlfriend. Nevertheless breaking off a relationship that you are not happy with is the best thing to do so in my opinion seeking sex somewhere is not an option for me because it is risky and dangerous to the health


First of all you should try to find out why, if it bothers you so much that you cannot live without it for whatever reason. Try and find a solution with your partner. However if you think that sex is the most important thing in the world and you put that above anything else in your relationship then your partner would be better off without you. anyway. Sorry for telling you so frankly, but this is my opinion.