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Do you think Beyonce is overrated or she is just talented that's why she is very popular?
Beyonce is among the best music stars today. From collection deals, to incalculable of hits, and also high-earning shows, she has demonstrated her impact in the business. In any case, a few people draw allegations towards her that she is simply misrepresented through the publicity given by the media, and in addition being copycat for replicating different craftsmen. Do you think she merits such allegations?

I think it statistics and track of hit records, determines whether a musician is overrated or  and when we compare look at beyonce right from when she started with her group called DESTINY CHILD you would have seen that she has been very hardworking what makes a musician is not just having voice or being a good lyricist it also details bringing out the right songs , going for the right shows having a good managerial setting and as for beyonce she is not overrated.

she is a good singer and a good lyricist no matter what people has to say, if you look at her tracks you will see that she's not just a singer she has taken up her game to being an entertainer a showbiz razzmatazz and she's always the perfect one that people wants to watch when it comes to live performances on stage because she's very energetic, passionate and hardworking.

She looks from the ranks without any body support I don't no where the news of her being overrated started because it is people's acceptance to your music that determines how good a musician you are and believe me beyonce's accepted globally as an icon , we may have even other lyricist such as ara but if you look at some of her hit songs you would see that she does reggaeton as well as r&b and not just blues or rock or slow paced music come and see the kind of song she sings doesn't require to go high pitches so I don't know why people expect her to be going high pictures on songs that are r&b and reggaeton and when she doesn't do so she is being considered as being overrated to me this is totally an insult she has proved that she is a very good singer.

Her successes speaks for her so not all good musicians I the best lyricist, lyrics only depends on the kind of songs you do I must have heard that she uses something to her voice before she sings on stage this is totally not true because nobody has proven it yet. So beyonce is not overrated because people who listens to her songs are even way wilder than people who think she is not good


I think she is overrated but has a good management.