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What disappoints you the most in a classroom?
This ask for engages your analysts to wind up more comfortable with what it takes to upset your crest and how you'll bear on when looked with that circumstance. Discover a circumstance that is really run of the mill for all educators and after that illustrate how you've managed that failure. Keep in mind, you need to rotate around positive parts of your showing style, so if regardless of all that you're baffled with a circumstance and haven't sees how to function around it yet, perhaps don't utilize that one as your model.

I am an educator and there are many things that can disappoint me in the classroom. In principle: the carelessness or disorder that may exist in the classroom. I believe that in any place of work there must be the ideal cleanliness and freshness to be able to carry out the activities that we have to do, more so if it is a classroom, where knowledge is imparted and many hours can be spent sitting at a desk. Another thing that can disappoint me is the apathy of the students. The profession of educator is very poorly paid and the only incentive one has is to see our students advance and learn, but if this is not achieved, if the students are demotivated, then there is no longer interest but disappointment in the teacher. The same happens when students don't do homework or don't prepare for an exam, we teachers feel that our work has no value, no meaning.

Despite all those daily disappointments, the idea is to look for and cling to the good things that education has and the things you can learn in a classroom. That's why we can look for ways to make the classroom more attractive for the student, try to be more dynamic, look for interesting texts, other more playful tools. In this way, surely, there will be fewer disappointments on the part of the student and the teacher.  


Teacher continuing class after ringing the bell, it disappoints me most in a classroom.

As I am a student, I always face this types of matters. I am a student of class 12. I used to go to college and I try to complete my daily lessons. There are many teachers in our college, those are continuing class after ringing the bell. We, some of our friends got disappoint by their this types of works.

For their this types of works, we sometimes avoid their classes and walking in our college campus with friends. We enjoy the moments a lot.


One of the thing that disappointed me the most when I was in the class room is noise making (distraction ), I so much disliked it when I was trying to study or a lecturer was in class and someone is trying to distract me from grasping what's been taught. It's so annoying sometimes.

Another that I dislike in a class room are those that loves stalling a lecture by asking stupid and irrelevant questions. There was this guy during my undergraduate days in college that loves asking stupid questions. It got so bad the lecturers started ignoring his questions because they don't relate to what's been taught most times. Distraction and irrelevant questions are what I dislike in a classroom