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What is Christmas importance to you?
Simply share your contemplated Christmas and i'll attempt to talk about it

Christmas to me is a day to celebrate the birth of our Savior. It's a time to get together with family and enjoy each other's company. I don't get to see my family all that much because I live a 10 hour drive from them so Christmas gives me the opportunity to go home and see them. My siblings have kids now and it's nice to be able to get to know them and to play with them while I'm home. Plus, I turn off my laptop for a few days and take some time to rest, relax, and recharge. Christmas to me means time to contemplate the past year, plan the new year, and spend time with loved ones! 

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Christmas means a lot of things to different people. For some, it is a day to celebrate and have fun about the birth of Jesus Christ, for others, it is a day to be sober and ponder on God's love for humanity, hence sending His son to come into the world.

Every year, on the 25th of December, Christmas is celebrated world over. As a Christian, I get to celebrate Christmas yearly as it means a lot to me.

Because of God's personal love for me, He sent his son and the 25th of December was a date set aside to celebrate his birth into the earth. Without Jesus coming to the world to die for my sins, I wonder what would become of me.

I live a free life because one man decided to pay the price for me.

I live happily because someone paid the price for my happiness. ☺✨

Christmas means a lot of things to me and most of all, it is a happy time for me.


To me, The importance of Christmas is to celebrate the Prince of Peace. Christmas is set aside as a remembrance of the birth of Christ. As we all know, God our creator sent his begotten son to earth so he can come and die for our sins so that we might live to fulfil our purposes on earth which I also know is to win souls to Christ. The Death of Christ meant Salvation to we sinners because everyone on earth was a sinner before Christ came to sacrifice his life for us.

Such a man needs to be celebrated, to me I try to celebrate him everyday because what he did for us was not an easy task, he went through pains for our sake. He died so that we live.

Christmas is of great importance to me as a Christian so in my family, we don't fail to celebrate it. There are many ways of celebrating it but it is best celebrated when it is being planned. So if you can't celebrate it presently the way you would love to, more Christmas are still coming. But with whatever I have, It is a must to me that I celebrate it. If we on earth van celebrate the birth of fellow humans, then how much more the birth of Christ.


Christmas means different things to different people. To me:

1. Christmas is a time to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ who was born to save the world and reconcile man back to God. It is a time to replicate the love received of Him to others through prayers and gifts.

2. Christmas is a time to share love and make peace with all.

3. Christmas is a time to forgive one another to be at peace with God

4. Christmas is a time for stock-taking and self evaluation.


“Christmas importance,” to me, is a grammatically-incorrect phrase.



Christmas is a day which is international celebrated. At that time, everyone is happy collecting their presents waiting also for the new year to come. It is a day everyone would set their differences aside for a while and just celebrate Christmas. It is a day to be joyful as whole families gather together.

For my city, there is this huge Christmas tree at the centre of town that has been placed to celebrate The Christmas and everyone goes there to take pictures with this tree. It's an iconic place this year.

It's a time to reflect about the whole year and how it was and what needs to be improved going forward into 2019. Well, for me I've got no presents but I am happy that this year has been great and hopefully santa would give us all here in Musing and all of steemit a crypto price increase for those who have bought btc or any other crypto. Santa is here. Secretly pumping the crypto markets.


for me, with my religious background, we don't believe Jesus was born on the 25th,  but with my open mindedness, i have come to accept the traditional way of celebrating Christmas in my host country,where as aside from the religious perspective of it , people take this time to seriously spend time with family, loved ones and people who matter the most, and that is the importance of Christmas to me, Spend the last days of the year with people who matter the most, share laughter,  eat, drink, make merry and great memories as we thank God for the year and get ready to usher in the new year.  


 There is actually NO historical evidence to prove that Jesus was born on December 25th. There is however, quite a bit of evidence to prove that Christmas was superimposed over the pagan festival of Saturnalia. Things to consider in regards to Christmas are:

1. Christmas is largely dominated by conglomerates that extort the holiday for profit.

2. Jesus was Hebrew, therefore, his family and culture would have kept to a Hebraic calendar.

3. There is no evidence in scripture that suggested that Jesus celebrated His own birthday at all.

There are just too many inconsistencies when applying The Messiah to a holiday that was originally intended to pay homage to the god Saturn. One last thing to consider is how can a Hebrew man be name 'Jesus' if there is no 'J' in the Hebraic alphabet?