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How might you create a strong family relationship?
1. Building Strong Family Relationships 2. Our overall population blooms with strong families. ... 3. Strong families have incredible correspondence. ... 4. To create strong family associations, listen adequately to each other. ... 5. Use "I" messages rather than "You" messages when talking. ... 6. Urge all relatives to share their thoughts and feelings. ... 7. Strong families become more acquainted with one another.

Creating a strong family relationship is an act or habit that is meant to be embraced by almost every individual of a particular family. The sad fact about this is that we now misuse the blessings of technology while we use our gadgets. Most of us can't even spend time conversing with our parents or family members physically because we are always chatting online or engaging with other activities with our mobile device.

In our world toady, there are some people who haven't really visited their grand parents and other family members. We are now in a cruel world in which most of us can't really identify the member of our family from our father and mother side. The bond of love is kind of absent this days because everyone of us is so busy doing other activities such that we have no time for our family. All this is really happening because of the weak family relationship.

I have seen some family doing very fine when it comes to having strong relationships while some family also lack this quality. I believe we can build strong relationship in our family by putting the below tips into practice.

1) REGULAR CALLING : The head of the family (the father) is meant to coordinate the family with action and orders just for the development and love of each member of the family. It is advisable the father stipulate a constant law whereby any of the family member who isn't around for sometimes must call everyone (his or her family) for at least two days in a week.

The fact is that regular calling helps to build a stronger relationship in the family. As a student, anytime I call my parents, they always think I am calling for the purpose of money but I sometimes tell them I just intend to greet them. Today, most children who aren't with their parents due to some excuse like schooling don't use to bother about calling their parents but they only call them when they are in need. We should always try to call our family members just to hear from them and greet them as this makes them feel happy and delighted that they are part of the family.

2) ORGANIZE FAMILY MEETING : Most of people today will always organize family meetings just for the sake of money. There is more to family meetings than the property you want to sell or the money you want to earn. One of the great advantages of family meeting is to enable every member of the family meet each other and know each other which also makes them raise complaints or suggestions about some specific topics just to boost the development of the family.

As a father, you can schedule a day in a week whereby every member of the family meet each other and express their mind without any form of punishment. This will enhance the love and confidence in each member of the family.

3) EAT TOGETHER: Our fore fathers had the habit of eating together with their wives and children. Some families of today never adopted that policy but they never knew the act they neglected is better for them when it comes to building strong family relationship. When each member of the family eats together either on the dining table or sitting room, love is automatically surrounded in such occasion because they are able to gist and share cool experiences while the meal is going on. There is more room for conversation and laughter which adds more to the ingredients of strong family relationship.

4) SPEND TIME TOGETHER: The main cause of weak family relationship is caused by the lack of sacrificing little amount of time for the family. Everyone is busy doing one thing or the other which makes the family members a little distant from each other.

Don't be a workaholic! Pick up a time and date and go for a beautiful vacation or events or shopping or cinema with your family. Spending quality time with your family member is the greatest weapon to develop a strong family relationship.

5) VISIT OTHER MEMBERS OF YOUR FAMILY : You also have to make a visit to either your wife's family house or your own family house as the husband of the home. Take your family along and this will help them know more about their family members. They will able to know their grand parents, cousins, nephews, and other members of the family.

This kind of habit is mostly done by the Muslims whenever they celebrate Eidul Fitr. They are able to unite the whole family together and celebrate together which adds more to the strong relationship of the family.

In conclusion, it is very essential we build our family relationship very strong because the stronger the relationship, the more united the family becomes.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


The answer to this is very simple I must say. Little things go a long way in a family setting.

Don't ever despise them .

Remember that old time friend of yours that you had such a great bond with, imagine the things you did together . imagine how those activities bonded you together .

Where am I going with this? Make friends with your wife and kids , make them a priority, go home early , don't be too authoritative , be the kind of father that your kids and wife can tell anything . That requires a lot of emotional intelligence , though.

Also, you have to be mindful of favouritism. Don't treat one person better than the other .

Lastly, let there be a family sense of doing things, when you are eating ,everybody eats as a family, when house cleaning is going on, every one does it as a family, when your child has a new teenage friend , induct him into the family ,so he or she would not distract your child from the family sense of doing things.

That is all I can say for now.


@Chrelye1989, No matter which relationship, every relationship needs the aspect of Understanding and without understanding no relation can stand strongly. And if we see in this world, many people are facing the conflicts in life specially in Relationships and sometimes issues are really really small but yet they fight to deepest levels. So if we have understanding essence then every relationship will going to hold the strong base for sure.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Creating a strong relationship with your family requires a lot of things that works hand in hand. Which are:-

1. Caring about their well being

2. Being able to realize that all is not well by mere looking at their faces

3. Pay attention to them at all times

4. Create time to take them out on a picnic

5. Be open with your wife and children so as such they can't hide anything from you

6. Letting their happiness be your major concern at all times

7. Be a loving dad/mum

8. Avoid quarrels with your husband/wife

I think considering this few things will help go a long way in building a strong bond in a family.


1.) Bonding 

Endeavor to get required with one another and discover a few exercises that you and 1 other certain part wilk appreciate. On the off chance that you are capable, pay for a motion picture ticket which you and a specific relative will appreciate, and after. Get something to eat after and talk about the motion picture. Do this on more than one occasion per month with every relative or different individuals at one time. After some time this will turn out to be to a greater degree a fellowship than a constrained connection to somebody in your family. 

I trust that singular holding is alot more proficient to making a superior association with every part. 

2.) Learn to cherish one another 

What makes each individual from your family extraordinary? Figure out how to adore the little unimportant parts of your family that make them unique. That unusual thing your sister does while eating or the snorting commotion your dad makes while getting up off of his seat. Make little jokes out of it, this is seemingly an all the more entire family action however once got can expand satisfaction inside the family. 

I trust it's significantly less demanding for you to end up nearer with your family in the event that you treat them as companions yet keep a common regard with them. 

3.) Commitment 

Demonstrate to your family that they start things out. Your exercises out of the family, for example, work, school or school don't precede your families prosperity. This in itself will proove to your family that they are essential in your life. And also making them more essential in your life because of your dedication to them. 

I trust that on the off chance that somebody demonstrates to you that you're a critical piece of their life, it will enhance their conclusion of you and will in this way make you to a greater extent a section in their life.