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Does movie really makes you relaxed?

Yes and No! What happens is that your attention and focus is only shifted and concentrated into something (the "movie" you are watching) making you feel new emotions and for an hour somewhat forget how crappy your day went.

If you are watching a light movie series then chances are your body will secrete the happy hormones dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins making you happy and relaxed. And even if you are watching a gore or a horror movie, the physical tiredness you feel before is now being shifted and concentrated on the movie you are watching making the body completely forget about being tired.



Every one of us who feel tired after some activities and works. We would find some outlet how we can make ourselves relaxed and comfortable. Surely some of us just sleep which actually one way of refreshing both our mind and body. This can really recharge our energy that have already been torn out after a full days activities.

Some just go out to somewhere else that are away from the current environment that he/she is really into it everyday. Keeping away your daily task or activities can really help you feel relaxed.

Other people just watch movies from the cinema or theater, eating some popcorn while siting in a very comfortable seating position. Only sounds you can hear is only from the movie that you are watching which is a really relaxing moment.

Some just watch movies from their home all day, not knowing how many movies they are already watched forgetting the consumed time.

What do you think? does movie really makes you relaxed or just be an add-on effort that makes you not in relaxing mode. It's up to us to know what really makes us relaxed, all we need to do is to follow what really interest us an feel us relaxed also.