What is the Best dApp built by the Steem Blockchain?
You already know that Musing is one of them, but let us exclude musing as one of the most grossed dApp built from the power of Steem blockchain. So is the Best dApp built by the steem blockchain?

Excluding Musing I would say:

1: Utopian-io: There is currently no front-end so it doesn't feel like a dApp. But the Utopian v2 platform should be out soon! Utopian is probably the largest and best organised of the dApps, with 3.6m Steem Power, a team of 50+ moderators, a large and open community and lots of developers to help drive it forwards. Open-source is growing in prominence in the world, as evidenced by Microsoft's recent $7.5bn acquisition of Github, and the work that Utopian does for open-source projects could make it really big news outside of Steem as well as inside. Utopian recently welcomed Rocket.Chat and CoinGecko to its VIPO Very Important Projects list and is starting to make the links that can connect Steem to the outside world.

2: Actifit: It's still pretty small but the idea is a good one, the mobile Apps are built, and the community is growing. I like the idea that it fits with a smaller-reward, tipping-style environment. That style of dApp seems much more likely to attract people to Steem in the long-run than the original blogging set-up which requires huge effort for limited reward. There is also plenty of advertising and sponsorship potential since the user demographic is clear and well-defined.



Without any bias, my rating for dApps are based on two important factors : 

1. The purpose of the dApp (Its relevance to the community).

2. The team behind it and how they managed it.

Those were the important things why I consider these dApps built the best in the blockchain. They're focused on the vision of creating an App for the community rather than milking some Steem earned. Here are my favorite dApps (in particular order).

- Utopian-io

Utopian is best with their incentivation of open-source contributions. Without Utopian, some of the dApps will not be developed. Either they are hooked to Steemit because of the Utopian platform or they wanted to contribute the idea first to Utopian to earn from it. It can be clearly seen that Utopian receives most of the delegation from Steemit Inc, simply because they're doing it right.

- Musing

I saw the potential of this dApp when jonching was asked by some Musers in a discord chat before when some users asked what are his plans. He mentioned he wanted to give all of the voting power to Musers and that he takes no cut on it. He also mentioned that he wants a sustainable model that can cater lots of Musers participating in the platform. Those words from the CEO is a big thing that caught my attention and immediately, I devoted a big portion of my time answering questions in Musing.

This dApp is heading in the right direction mainly because of the kind of people that manages it. I'm glad Musing has genuine people aiming to incentivize users who participates in the network.

- Dtube

Dtube has been a great avenue for youtubers/vloggers. It allows their videos to get incentivized. The more quality it provides, the bigger chunk of votes it will receive. Most of the times, they are doing their stuff right. The team behind it is focused on building a video platform that rewards users from their contents.

- Esteem

A mobile application built on Top of the Steem blockchain. Esteem has been constantly rewarding a lot of users in the platform using the mobile app. It has been developed and updated a lot of times to provide a great user experience.

- Steemhunt

What a great platform for Hunters! It allows users to be incentivized by the products they did and they have their own SMT coming. I'm amazed by how this team worked their way in providing a better platform. I'm really excited to see them launching their SMT.


Without a doubt steemit is a perfect ecosystem for the development of good applications since the code allows a very fast and healthy interaction with different modules. That's why in terms of the operation of its platform and the rewards that generate its users I dare to say that my top dApps in steemit are reduced to:

  • steemstem.io: This is a dApp/community created with the firm intention of recommending people who have the knowledge and desire to write quality post-scientists where interesting and interactive topics are touched. What I like most about this community is its organization because it has a series of expert curators who are responsible for evaluating each post and assigning the rewards to those who most deserve it. It also has a support in terms of language extremely high, in fact currently apart from English, curate post written in French, Italian, German, Spanish and other ma, all this with the firm goal of expanding to the maximum level and variety of its users.

  • steemhunt: This is a platform in which I do not have much time but which I have fallen in love with because it has a distribution of recommendations and SMT very good. Basically here we can publish reviews of gadgets, vehicles and anything related to technology or that represents some kind of innovation and for which other users must vote with the percentage they choose to enter or not in a ranking where it will be decided if we get part of the rewards or not. But that's not all because it has a lottery system that delivers a certain amount of SMT that will be interchangeable soon.

  • steepshot: This is basically the instagram of steemit as it will give small or large votes to users who are able to capture the best moments of their lives, that is to say that this app will vote for those really great photos. The best thing is that it has a very good app of its own with a very fast and well elaborated interface. 


I would say SteemHunt ...


There are many reasons.

  • They are attracting more and more people to Steem Blockchain by their Social Share Airdrop which is ultimately increasing the traffic to steemit as well.
  • True example of PoB (Proof of Brain)
  • They are continuously upgrading the system like they have provided Direct Sign up, have almost beaten the upvote abusers, new hunters & cool products are getting proper attentions with the help of influencers (a community role) if not properly dealt with by other community members.
  • Steemhunt is gonna be one of the projects which will play a major role in the success of SMT.
  • Interaction between community members, moderators, CM, team is good. Team, Mods, & CM respond to a deserving issue at their earliest and most of the time immediately.

I grow tremendously on steemit by being active on steemhunt. Their idea of sharing cool & new products is not new but their treatment to the contributors is definitely new ... and that is rewards ... I think this is the beauty of Steem based dApps. Reviewhunt (A marketing channel) & Ideahunt (A Kickstarter like platform) have yet to come. 

Anyone who is not familiar with the Steemhunt & Hunt Platform and wanna know more can visit https://token.steemhunt.com/ and https://steemhunt.com/



There are many platforms and I even couldn't try them all. I use steemhunt and I like it to use because you see everyday a new brand new platform new invention new product. Its really enjoable platform for me. 

I saw Utopian.io that supports open source community and they are also doing good job but what I feel is that its special for developers.

Steempress is also a good platform that gives you the possibility to create your own website in wordpress. Writing blogs become more quality on Steemit. I don't have a blog yet but maybe in the future I can use it too.


Well, I don't think so we can choose one, There are many good and effective dApps are built on steem block chain, Everyone has it own importance.  

In my 8 months of steemit journey, i have used 4 to 5 dapps. 

1 - Dlive.

2- Dtube.

3- Busy.org

4- Esteem

5- Musing.io

They all support new users and when you start getting progress their support is also increases. Like in the start you get very little vote from esteem, but with the passage of time, when your reputation go over fifty, you start getting bigger votes, all dapps follow the same rules.

I am voting for all.


There are two key influencing powers for authorities to manufacture their own uncommon dapps with the Steem blockchain. 

1) Revenue 

There is this Reward Beneficiaries join showed amidst the Hard Fork 18. This segment permits the dapp client's record to pass on parts of the post's reward offer to different records. Makers can make it a default for posts presented through the dapp on get a level of the reward. 

For instance, d.tube (the youtube of Steem) takes 25% of the video post rewards traded by their clients. 

2) User Database. 

Building a dapp may be anything other than hard to two or three engineers at any rate getting the basic gathering of early adopters are altogether hard. Steemit, the best "dapp" of the Steem blockchain has around 800k+ joins until this point (March 2018).


I have tried several dApps, and so far, my favorite are:

1. Musing.io: As a Quora user, I DO love Musing.io to answer lots of questions from others

2. Tasteem: Yes, I love to write and share restaurant reviews, so that Tasteem is the place.

3. DClick.io: A great ads platform, similar to Google Adsense.


I'm surprised noone mentioned it. I vote for Partiko.