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Why do almost every Steem Community has a Discord Server?
One thing is for common here in Steem blockchain, is where we implement Discord Servers for Communication, why is it so?

The steem blockchain is regulated by Resource Credits. The average chat can eat up a lot of the resource credits and this makes interacting in the blockchain difficult for low SP accounts which comprises majority of the user population. 

Discord offers a lot of advantages and room for interaction compared to running a conversation on steemit blogs. The owners can organize various topics within the community they are involved in and moderation can be done quite easily. The problem with keeping conversations on blog posts is the mount of time you can sustain the engagement. There's little reason to prolong a conversation when the post has paid out. 

Unlike in Discord, users are let loose and not reminded of any RC constraint of pay attention to chats that are irreversible in the blockchain to edit without front end help. 


When i joined steemit, i learned about MSP from where i can get free upvote. At that time i use to think discord is a place where someone can get free upvote and i laugh on myself when i thik about those days. I hope, answering this question will help those people out who thinks same as i used to think before.

Through a steemit account one can mostly do post and comment. But you can't keep posting/commenting all day long(at least after hf20) from your account for communication. So, a community will require a medium to communicate with each other . That's why in steemit, All communities had to choose a medium to interact with each other of steemit and they choose discord.

Now the question arives, why discord?

There are many medium of by which steemit communites could go through like facebook,skype and etc etc but they choose discord because it provides many features without any cost. I don't think any other medium provide this much features. You can create different channel for different purpose, can make others enebale/disable to text on specific channel and the most interesting feature i think is the bot account uses. Here anyone can create a bot account or can use existing bots. These bot makes moderation more easy. In case of steemit, many devs are creating such discord bot by which we can do all stuffs on steemit but just with a command on discord like transfer/upvote/checking account stats a specific post and many more. I don't think any other social media or chatting medium provides such feature. And this is why alsmost every steem community has a discord server.


Hah! Lemme give you a break down:

# Experts

Discord is a gaming chat platform/community. It support API feed in/out hence it's very convenient for gamer to communicate, information flow can be customize to the way they/we want. Steem, can be easily managed as well. Other than creating new channels, it also can make use of command in discord to trigger API like upvote bots in Steemit to take action. Don't be surprise, there are flagging community within the discord servers.

# Layman like me

Sometimes people just doesn't get it, they need a purpose to setup a damn channel. I've tried to setup a discord server, dragged a few friends in it. After 2 weeks, it has absolutely 0 activity. Z E R O !!! Put it this way, if we got nothing better to do with the community, don't do a discord server. It's a huge let down. Especially Chinese community from mainland China, discord has been firewalled. Technically 0 people whom live in the mainland find it convenient to use discord, AT ALL.

# The cool guy

Well, there's always another bunch of idiots who doesn't know what were they doing and started a server, dragging everyone into their channel and encourage everyone to cross upvote so everybody will be profitable. I was dragged in once and found a bunch of plagiarizer all cross voting each other. The thing that they don't understand it doesn't work that way. All of them has less then 50sp, and they're hundred of them. When they cross voting at that rate, within 2 days their VP depleted. Their vote worth absolutely nothing, let alone some of them being steemcleaned. Trust me I reported them and I got some SP payout from the officials as well. 

There you go. One of the less complicated but quite meaningful reply I've done lately. Hahaha


Because instant messaging system is an important part of any thriving online community. 

It helps coordinate efforts in much more transparent, efficient manner.

On the blockchain you can have hardly anything that will not devolve into total chaos after 5 posts.


Discord server has always been a champion for communities in the Steem Blockchain. There are quite a lot of reasons why discord has been chosen over other channels. We could've use Steemit.chat, Telegram, Slack, Facebook Group Messenger, etc. but why Discord.

For me, Discord is very much scalable and capable of catering hundreds and thousands of users all in one server. It has been proven on a lot of Steemit Discord Communities like PAL, Esteem, Steemhunt, Busy, Utopian-io, etc. It has all of the functionalities that Steemit users needs.

- Channels

Channels provides segmentation of topics to different individuals. Also interests, categories, etc is a great way for us having channels. We can add a lot of channels which is a great feature.

- Voice Channels

Forums, Podcasts, Shows, and Talks are very essential to Steemit as a Social-Media Blogging platform. It also increase the knowledge of the users  listening to prominent Steemians discussing important things for the benefit of the Steem blockchain.

- Roles

Discord allows roles for the people. Roles (located at the right) side often describes a specific purpose of a user in the channel. Also, it provides limitation to users having their tasks respectively. It massively adds a feature of convenience to the hosts of the server to minimize the activity and authority of some users to prevent spams and abuse.

Overall, there's no way other community based servers will be far better than discord. Once other communities (not only Steemit/crypto) realize this, they will shift their focus onto Discord .


That is where people go to say things that they do not want locked into the blockchain forever.