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How do we avoid people with bad energy?
There are people who always think negatively and don't seem to see the future as being bright. Such people do not believe in the term 'HOPE'. How can these set of people be avoided?

1. Try not to think about things too personally!

Normally when somebody is effectively negative, it has completely everything to do with them and nothing to do with you. You may really see that the individual being referred to makes remarks about everybody bad, so regardless of what you do or don't do, you will be a subject of discussion for them.

2. Keep in mind: What other individuals consider you is not your concern! You shook this world with your victories and you should possess that achievement. Be glad for yourself and stand tall! Nobody realizes how hard you functioned and nobody has the privilege to pass judgment on you.

3. You can't and never will satisfy everybody.... It's simply unrealistic, so let go of fulfilling everybody! Do your best to be caring, cherishing, certifiable and genuine yet realize that occasionally individuals will in any dislike you, regardless of whether you are a decent individual, and that is alright! Individuals even discover motivations dislike the Dalai Lama, so please!

4. Decide not to remark. Take the higher ground with antagonism and just don't recognize it. Take a gander at it as an otherworldly test and a chance to develop inwardly. Relinquishing the need to answer is really an astounding discharge and you will discover such a great amount of opportunity there! Besides, it stops the vitality of cynicism dead in its tracks. Keep in mind, you can't have a contention with just a single individual. Consider yourself bamboo, solid in your frame yet adaptable to move in the breeze. You can withstand any tempest as long as you remain centered in your quality!



Need practice and be good and kind person. if you are successful to become kind person and forgive other mistake these strategies provide help to you to avoid people with bad energy. That energy generated due to their bad attitude and bad communication with others. Normally people get anger very fastly. This type of people have left patient and these kind of people have short tempered not understand things very clearly.This kind of people hyper very fastly and their thinking is not wrong they think negatively and also  they have some bad experience which make their attitude more negative. If you have friend this kind of thing with their you need to avoid there talking. with teach them how they become good person if their communication and their temperament is under control. if you avoid the kind of people if they are your family member for your best friend this is very bad for them because if you can't help them then other society and people also not have much time to give them. that kind of people who are in your relation . this is your responsibility to guide and please tell how to live good life 

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