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Apart from love and care suggest a factor that must be considered to successfully achieve a long-lasting relationship?

Love and care are the primary things for the good relationship. Beside these qualities one have to remain sincere and loyal in relationship. Relationship grow rapidly by developing a trust. The other important aspects are self respect and abstaining too much involvement in other. Don't deeply involved in some one so it is difficult for you to get away from this. Every person likes privacy so, you should understand and respect privacy. Meet with smile and have clean heart.

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One major factor poeole neglect when it comes to a long lasting relationship is understanding.

For a relationship to last and grow, but partners must be understand each other. You can love and care for your partner without understanding them and this can lead to regular misunderstanding which facilitates breakup.

Couples that want a long lasting relationship should endeavour to understand each other like their strengths, waekness,what makes your partner happy or angry, fears and any other trait that can strengthen a relationship.

It's due to lack of understanding that couples make this statement "I never knew you were like this".

When you understand your partner, it helps you relate with him/her better than you did before.


Love actually does just a little to maintain a long distance relationship. One other factors that contribute to it success and is most important is "communication" . When there is no constant communication, the relationship dies off , little by little until it finally becomes void.

Communication connects two heart faster than any other factors that could be mention.

Am so confident about this because I have been in a distance relationship and at first it worked out just fine , for about 3 years , the calls kept coming. It was in the third year that our communication level began to drop and just as the calls seized, we began to loose interest in each other.

So if you want to keep the love alive, let the communication keeps on. And as long as the bond of communication is not broken , the candle of the relationship keeps burning powerfully