What are the ingredients that make up a fruit juice?

It depends on the specific fruit juice, the brand, and whether or not it comes from concentrate. When choosing a fruit juice, pay close attention to what's in the container. 

If you're drinking an apple juice, then the main ingredient will be "apple juice." If it was made from a concentrate, then the main ingredient would be filtered water, but the main juice would still be from apples. 

If you're drinking something like mango juice, the main ingredient is likely filtered water. The main juice is not mango, but likely apple or pear juice concentrate. A mango puree is added to give the thickness and taste of mango, but the majority of the juice volume is made from cheaper ingredients. 

Keep in mind that another ingredient that could be added is high-fructose corn syrup. This is a sweetener and another way to cheaply fill the container. Some "fruit juices" barely contain any fruit juice. 

For instance, Minute Maid Lemonade contains only 3% lemon juice!!! This picture is from the actual bottle on Amazon.com

If you're looking to get the benefits of fruit, the actual fruit is probably a better option. Rather than just being sugar-water, whole fruit has things like fiber which will fill you up. The fibrous parts also have other vitamins that get removed in the juicing process. 

tl;dr It depends on the juice. Often fillers and sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup are used in place of actual juice. Even if it is real fruit juice, it could be a less expensive fruit such as apple or pear juice. Whole fruit could be a better alternative. 


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The ingredients of a fruit juice are dependent on the type of fruit juice. If it's an orange juice, then the major ingredient is orange and some preservatives to make it last long. Same is applicable to other juices. But one thing I've discovered about buying already processed fruit juice is that most juices are made from just the chemical flavour of the major fruit of the juice, water, processed sugar and preservative. The easiest way to get a natural juice is to make it yourself. This is the best. You get exactly what you want without any unnecessary additives